Disclosure: I may have received a free product or other compensation for any/all products on this site in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Paracord 850lb 100 ft Hank Review

Paracord 850lb 100 ft Hank Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

We are big into outdoor activities in our house, so we are always happy to review products that enhance our experiences.

Paracord is super hot right now, and I was excited to get approved to review this Paracord 850lb 100 ft Hank.

They asked us to review Desert Camo- and that is perfect since we do live in the desert.. we would have picked that anyway!

So first off- we do have a paracord bracelet that I got as a gimme at my old job. It is black, and appears pretty sturdy, but the thing I noticed about it right away was a STRONG chemical smell. I had to leave it outside to offgas for quite some time before I would even consider wearing it.

I was a little concerned that the  Paracord 850lb 100 ft Hank would have the same issue-- it did not. It had no odor whatsoever right out of the package, and I was elated. Seems everything these days has that weird smell! Not this!

The cord is super soft. The one from work- not so much. It kind of chafes to be honest. Not this paracord though. I guess free is overrated at work.. lol

The company that makes this paracord has it maked for survival bracelet kits. These really are super popular. I have not tried to make one yet, but it is on my list of projects for the summer. I just need to get the hardware to make it so. I can see our family all having matching bracelets. We will be so cool, and super prepared.

What can you actually use  Paracord 850lb 100 ft Hank for?

Emergency preparedness is the main reason this paracord is so popular now. Sure, you can toss this hank of cord into a backpack or hiking kit and it hardly takes up any space- but it is so much easier to just wear it in a bracelet form!

The strength rating on this brand is 850 feet. Other brands are showing 500-750. Why not get the strongest cord you can?

What kind of emergencies can I use paracord for?

You can: 

  • set up a tent and secure it
  • replace shoe laces
  • secure a pet if their leash breaks
  • make an arm sling
  • pull materials
  • make a clothes line
  • tie off a buddy (snow storm, hiking in low visibility)
  • secure a boat or raft

There are tons of more technical projects like making a hammock and elaborate animal traps and such, but I have none of those skills! I suspect if I ever needed this in an emergency, it would be for none of these reasons, but some wild Macgyver type thing out in the middle of nowhere. 

But who knows? That is why it is for emergencies!

Overall we are very pleased with the  Paracord 850lb 100 ft Hank. I am happy to have it in my emergency supplies, and once I get crafty I will be making those bracelets!

Thanks so much for letting us review this!