Disclosure: I may have received a free product or other compensation for any/all products on this site in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Number One Nutrition Biotin Review

Number One Nutrition Biotin Review

Disclosure: I received a free product and or other compensation in exchange for my honest review.

I am always interested in testing new supplements, so I was pleased to receive a bottle of Number One Nutrition Biotin

I have tested some of their products in the past and I was always very pleased with the results.

Why should you take Number One Nutrition Biotin?

  • helps the body metabolize proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates and process glucose
  • healthier hair
  • fights hair loss
  • promotes beard growth for men
  • stronger nails
  • extra strength biotin 10000mcg vitamin b
  • competitive pricing with other brands
  • Made in the USA 
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee!

Because I don't just want to pop some pills without knowing more.. I did a little online research. I found a nice article on Huffington Post that quoted a doctor. He said that biotin does improve keratin infrastructure-- long story short on that article- it could help your hair and nails. It can make them stronger!

Strong hair and nails are beautiful hair and nails! Who wouldn't want that?

What was my experience with Number One Nutrition Biotin?

I was into the bottle in no time. The pills are easy to swallow and did not give me any burps or heartburn (and if you recall I get that a lot.. lol)

I took the pills for about 2 weeks, and I did notice that my nails were a little bit longer than usual. For me, I am almost always mowing them off or snagging them on one thing or another. With a dog and a toddler and being home all day, my nails get destroyed on a regular basis..

There is a definite improvement. I suspect that longer usage is going to show additional improvement, but I do need to write my reviews in a timely manner, so here we are:) 

As for hair- I did not notice any real difference in this short trial. My hair is very slow growing, so it is not surprising to me that it will take some time to see stronger hair. It is generally in pretty good shape already though, since I don't blow dry often;)

I think we are off to a great start anyway!

Thanks so much to Number One Nutrition Biotin for letting me try out their excellent product!