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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Magnifeko Callous Remover Review

Magnifeko Callous Remover Review

 When I say that I am excited to get a foot product to review, I am really not lying or exaggerating. I have some seriously nasty feet- you will see them soon- 

I will admit I kind of let them go a little but this week to make sure when I demo the Magnifeko Callous Remover that you really get a good idea of the magic it does.

Here is what you get in the kit. It is a rechargeable callous remover, 2 sanding heads, a brush to clean the nasty skin off and the recharging cord.

 When I got the box, the Magnifeko Callous Remover was already charged enough for me to give a decent demo. To do my whole feet, I did need to let it charge a bit. When you see my feet, you will understand. 

So here is the moment of truth- ugly truth. My feet are disgusting. They are cracked, they are dry from going barefoot on laminate and tile, and from wearing sandals out and about.

Arizona is brutal on feet. On top of it all, this skin is genetic in my family. My mom has it, and my Gramma had it. They spent years with doctors getting creams and shots and nothing really works except physical removal of the skin and constant socks and lotion.. none of which I am good at.

So- an hour with the Magnifeko Callous Remover is in order.

This is the before photo.

This is the 2 minute after- it is already looking better, but still needs more attention. What you see in the video is what I accomplished quickly. There is a ton of nasty foot skin on the box. I will remove quite a bit more.

I am absolutely in love with the Magnifeko Callous Remover. It is a high power device and it works flawlessly. I can get my feet looking like a normal person's feet easily and with just a little time each month. (assuming I can find time..lol)

(the nice thing is that the toddler seems to enjoy watching me do this. Poor kid.. )

I love that it has an extra grinding wheel because I am pretty sure that I am going to burn through one of these in the summer. Although- it does seem pretty sturdy.

I also love the fact that this is rechargeable. I have a battery operated model and with as much as I need to do this to my feet, I don't want to burn through batteries all the time. lol.

If you are brave and want to see the video- go ahead and click!

Thanks so much for the folks that make the Magnifeko Callous Remover. I really am happy to have this to get my feet back in order!