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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Exploring South American Gourmet Box - TryTheWorld Review

Exploring South American Gourmet Box - TryTheWorld Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to get approved to review another Try the World Subscription box. 

The gourmet food selections that I got in the last box I reviewed were out of this world. ( we are still using the powders for our BBQ meats-YUM!)

So what deliciousness appeared in my mailbox this week?


I had a Spanish teacher in high school that was from Argentina, so although I have never been there, I always have a special place in my heart for the country. I still kind of want to speak with her accent.. all these years later. Such fond memories this stirred up for me!

This was our box, after we tore into it of course because I could not wait to see what was inside this time.

First up- this chimichurri. Now, I have no idea what this is but the guide tells me that it is used on meats and veggies and I suspect BBQ is again on the menu. Dipping sauce !? 

Parsley, garlic, oregano, red pepper, and olive oil.

We shall see. I am ready for it!

We get some olive pastes here in Phoenix from time to time and I like to eat them on toast or crackers. That is the fate of this paste. I suspect there is going to be a nice tangy flavor. Green olives are such a refreshing delight to me!

I had to look this one up in the culture guide as well. Apparently, it is a quince paste. It can be used thinly on breakfast breads, or used in baking. 

I am not sure how I will use this one yet. But I think it is going to be fabulous how ever it goes.  

And as a side note- subscription boxes are so nice for trying new things. Would I have ever purchased this in store without knowing what it is? 

No. But it may be my favorite food ever, and I would have been missing out. 

If nothing else, it is a nice adventure, and a great way to introduce my toddler to new things.

 This is already my favorite. I love dulce de leche. It is fabulous on ice cream and on my spoon. There is nothing tastier to me than this delight. I was covered in it in minutes. I devoured some pretty much immediately.

These are sweet and salty butter cookies. I love butter cookies, and the salty aspect is a new one.The toddler and man of the house loved these, and if I am lucky they will save me one. I would not have thought that salty butter cookies were a good idea, but they are oddly satisfying.

This appears to be a type of marinade for the BBQ . Although, with Malbec in it, I kind of want to drink it. We shall see the flavors. I think I need to get some chicken.

There were also some tea bags in the kit, and the toddler ran off with them. I will need to track those down and drink them up soon. She likes the packaging. What can I say?

I adore that these is a little card with the description of what is in the box. The Culture Guide talks about music and recipes and a few other interesting tidbits as well. It certainly whets the appetite for a trip to Argentina, or at least for some snacks and meals that make you feel like you are there.

The pricing on the Try the World subscription box is $39 each, and box is sent every other month. I have not seen any of these items in a regular store, but I am certain that if you tried to order them and ship them you would pay at least this much or more. 

These boxes are heavy!

Overall- I LOVE the Try the World subscription boxes. I look forward to reviewing another, if they feel like sending one. SO many great flavors and a lot of fun to open!

I had some family help with my unboxing video this week. You can check it out - it stars the hairy hands of the man of the house and a toddler at the end.. (she loves that packing paper fuzzy stuff. )

Thanks so much for letting us try the Argentina box!