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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Children's ebook: Drinking Animals Review

Children's ebook: Drinking Animals Review

We don't review a lot of ebooks, but the Children's ebook: Drinking Animals by Dan Jackson caught my eye.

I think it was the elephant on the cover. I sure do like elephants.. I always have.

So how did we like the book?

Well, I sat down and read it first, since I picked up the ebook when my daughter was napping. It was a quick read for an adult of course, but I found there were some facts in the book that I did not know. That always makes things more interesting!

This is an example page from the book- 

The format is the same throughout- an interesting image, and some fact about the animal in the image. 

Once the toddler woke up, we got to go through the book together. (She is only 3 so she can't be alone with my laptop!)

I found that she liked looking at the pictures, but she was not as interested in the information just yet. I suspect this is the kind of book that she will need to grow into a bit more, as she understands more about the world around her. 

Overall- It was a nice quick read with her, and any snuggle time I get with my toddler is a great time in my book!

Thanks so much for letting us review Drinking Animals.