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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Breezeway Magnetic Screen Door Review

Breezeway Magnetic Screen Door

We love having a fresh breeze through our house, and nothing is better than having our front and back door open to get that cross breeze through the whole house.

We were very happy to get approved to review the Breezeway Magnetic Screen Door.

We also really love the picture on their Amazon listing- this dog is adorbs.  Our dog took a little while before she understood how the door works, but she would never sit under it like this for a picture.. she makes it a policy to stay away from it as much as possible. That is ok;)

Why would you use a Breezeway Magnetic Screen Door?

You can use this on any door way of the proper size. (we have 2 doors and it fits both.)

For us- we can't put a screen door on our entry ways- we have a metal security door and there isn't room for another door to be installed.  Also- a screen door requires a lot more money and someone to come install it, and we just don't have the budget for it. So this is perfect for us.

We have also found that a regular screen door still lets bugs in and out when you open it. With a Breezeway Magnetic Screen Door you don't have to have as much outdoors exposed, so the bugs have a harder time finding their way in.

We do not have a doggy door, so we are also happy that our dog can go in and out without one of use having to let her go. I know she appreciates the extra freedom, and we appreciate not having to get up all the time when she sees a bird she wants to chase.

What was our experience with the Breezeway Magnetic Screen Door?

We thought it was super easy to install. The components are sturdy and the package came with everything we needed to make it work.

We read that this brand has a wider installation than the competitors, and that is nice if your doors are big. 
I think the member of the household that likes it best is our dog. She gives it  4 paws up.. oh wait- she wanted her belly rubbed.. lol.

Thanks so much to the folks that make the Breezeway Magnetic Screen Door for letting us try it out!