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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Gourmet Dog Treats

Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Gourmet Dog Treats

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I would not say that my dog is entirely picky, but there have been some things over the years that she will not eat. I was happy to get approved to review Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Dog Treats

No, they are not made of beagles, because that is wrong. 

They are made of chicken liver. 

From what I recall from being a child, liver is pretty dang tasty. I won't touch it as an adult, but my dog does not have a pickiness about liver.

I feel pretty happy giving these to her. I really love that they are Made in the USA. I never care for imported dog food or treats.. they just don't feel safe to me.. no issues here!

The snacks are made from USDA approved meat, another assurance that someone is looking out for our pups. Real meat means they are healthier- lower calories.. this is super important for our dog since she has some bone leg issues- she cannot afford to be overweight, but she DOES deserve treats!

There are 240 in a bag. There are significantly less in our bag after our first sampling however.. lol

The Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Dog Treats are free of:

  • fillers
  • grains
  • antibiotics
  • junk

We decided to give the toddler the resealable bag of treats to give to the dog. This was a pretty bad idea.. once the bag was finally opened, the dog went insane. She knew there was something yummy in there, but the toddler got too excited and couldn't get the treats out fast enough. 

These are the kind of pictures you get with a dog and toddler... sorry.. they are too wild. lol 

In the end, after much squealing and dog hopping about, the dog finally was able to chow down. She loved the Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Dog Treats.  She ate quite a few.. but they are low cal.. soooo..

She would probably eat the whole bag if I let her, but of course that defies the point of a treat right? It isn't a bowl of food! Lol.

Overall, we are very pleased with the Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Dog Treats. I think the bag will be gone soon enough if the toddler and dog get their way!