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Friday, May 29, 2015

2 Pack - 10ml Elegant Frosted Glass Roll On Bottle Review

2 Pack - 10ml Elegant Frosted Glass Roll On Bottle Review

I was very excited to get approved to review the 2 Pack - 10ml Elegant Frosted Glass Roll On Bottles. We use a lot of essential oils and home made type remedies so this is an awesome thing to try.

Why use 2pm Essentials roll on bottles?

  • Tight fit- won't leak!
  • Stainless steel cap looks great and protects formulas
  • Stainless steel roller ball won't break down like plastic balls
  • Bottles are not painted- won't scratch

What was my experience with the 2 Pack - 10ml Elegant Frosted Glass Roll On Bottles?

I knew right away what I wanted to do with the bottles. We are in the midst of a mosquito invasion, and in spite of our best efforts, when we go out somewhere we get a bite or two.

With the toddler getting bitten as well as the grownups, we have been experimenting on what products work best to combat the itches. 

We went through the caladryls and such and nothing really worked for us. I found out one day coincidentally, that rosehip oil takes the itch down.

I have a few bottles for review and I keep them around the house for when itches strike. They are a little messy though. sometimes the oils squirt and the stuff is orange and can stain... 

Putting the rosehip oil in the roll on bottles is genius!

The toddler got some bites, and can now negotiate the screw top lid and apply the rosehip oil wherever she needs it. She will not let me do it.. ohhhh nooo. We are in that phase. That is really ok for me.

I am happy to let her use the roll on and she is happy to stop scratching.

They do take a little shaking to get them started, but I find that they go on lightly. For us, that is perfect. I can fill the container and it lasts quite a while for us. 

I had an idea to fill the second container with almond oil and lavender, as a perfume and portable stress relief oil, but now I think I will keep it in the medicine cabinet. That toddler might just lose my other bottle of rosehip oil, and I want a backup!

Overall, we love the 2 Pack - 10ml Elegant Frosted Glass Roll On Bottles from 2pm Essentials. Thanks so much for letting us review this!