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Monday, April 20, 2015

XE Series Headlamp Review and Giveaway

Headlamp Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

We do a lot of different projects around our house, and we are always needing a flashlight it seems. 

I was very pleased to get approved to review the XE Series Headlamp, since I knew it was going to be a hit here.

What is the XE Series Headlamp all about?

It is a  lightweight headlamp with adjustable elastic strap. It gives you exactly the fit you need each time. This includes the man of the house with a larger head, and even a snug enough fit for the toddler.

Will the toddler be using it? 

Probably not, since she her dad is kind of stingy with it.. but it is made from military-grade materials, and it appears to be able to stand up to even toddler abuse. She was pretty excited about the idea of a hat with a light, but I think he was more excited about it.. so excited in fact, that I haven't seen it since he took it to try it out. He has used it to look in closets, under couches, and while working on some honey-do lists for me.. but I don't get to see the light.

He wants it all for himself.

So- I am pretty sure that if there is a geeky or do it yourselfer in your house, they will appreciate having one of these around. 
Myself, I could see using it on night hikes or walks. I could really use it during car break downs at night, or simply to find something under the couch. ( Everything ends up under our couch, and that is no lie.)

The light is bright, and it has lasted through a lot of use already-so I suspect the battery is a good strong one.

I am very pleased with the XE Series Headlamp. Someday I hope to use it myself!!!

Do you want one too? You an buy on Amazon, or win one here!

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