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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Man Sham Review and Giveaway

The Man Sham Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product for review.

I am always up for testing out a product that keeps my car cleaner. I have a bag of sponges and rags and such that I usually use, but I have found they are pretty high maintenance. I was happy to try out the Man Sham, which is sold on Amazon.

Why would I want to buy a Man Sham?

Well, other than the cool name...

  • The Man Sham is a synthetic chamois for the car enthusiast
  • it has a unique design
  • the pore structure is the secret to its superior drying ability
  • the cell structure is more uniform and connected to soak up a lot of water
  • lint free
  • super soft
  • won't scratch your precious paint!

It can also be used on pets!

Additionally- tricycle enthusiasts will find that the Man Sham makes quick work of a wet trike.

What was my experience with the Man Sham?

When I used this, I found it easy to wash my car. 

I get a lot of dust and pollen, and this took it all off easily.  It was a breeze to use. I was able to easily store it back in the handy plastic container when I was finished and then it was ready for the next trial, which was the toddler bike wash.

I really enjoyed the dimply fabric that it is made of- the size is quite large, and it covers a lot of area quickly. I find that all I need to do is lay this thing over a wet tricycle, and the thing was dry!

This is a great product to have on hand- keep your cars clean!

So I made a little video this afternoon...

Now- I did a test run on the toddler's trike when she was at school today. Nobody tell her I did this ok? She would be very angry that I did it without her!

Do you want to win your own? Enter this giveaway!!

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