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Monday, April 27, 2015

Small White 5L Dry Bag from Skorch Review

Small White 5L Dry Bag Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I was very excited to get approved to review the Small White 5L Dry Bag from Skorch.

They market this bag as a sports minded type of product. 

It is used for:

Jet Skiing

The bag is completely waterproof and is about 8x10. 

It holds 5 liters (hopefully not of water!!) and it is 305 cubic inches. 

Now you are not going to fit a weeks worth of supplies in this bag, as it is the small version that they sell, but it is going to work for your most important possessions on a shorter trip. 

It has a nice shoulder strap that is easy to assemble and disassemble. I like the white, but it does come in other colors.

How did I use the Small White 5L Dry Bag from Skorch?

I have a toddler and for whatever reason, I am ALWAYS in need of a bag that is waterproof.

Whether we go to the pool, the park or just for a day out, there is always a wet something or other that needs to be brought home. 

I don't like my car to be wet- so this bag has been very handy. I can keep it in the hatch, and when something offensive occurs, POOF the bag is available.

It keeps any offensive scents or liquids contained until I can get to them again. 

The bag is water proof of course, so it is easy to clean out!

We do boogie boarding, ice hockey and of course swimming, so I can see this bag bring brought along for supplies like cameras, food or as bags to bring wet things home 

(hockey I am thinking of you and your stinky clothing.. lol)

I have had dreams of taking it on an adult adventure, but we haven't had the pleasure yet, but with the performance we have had so far, I am sure it will meet the task easily.

Thanks so much for letting us add the Small White 5L Dry Bag from Skorch to our arsenal!