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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Platinum Choice Products Solar Phone Charger Review

Solar Phone Charger Review

 Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I am such a treehugger sometimes. I especially love anything solar powered- especially when it can replace the burning of fossil fuels. 

Ok- I live in Phoenix- so we still get a lot of power from nuclear power. Not better!

I was very pleased to be able to review and test out the Platinum Choice Products Solar Phone Charger.

First off- the manufacturer is trying to build a working list of phones that will be able to use this device. That is part of the fun!

We have an iPhone 4 in our home and that was charged fine by the device. I think they did mention that to me when I signed up. SO that is great. I think that model is still very popular, even with the newer models on the market. Not everyone upgrades every year right? And it isn't entirely eco- friendly to do so anyway!

I am super eco-friendly than, because I have a phone that is at least 4 years old.. or the model is anyway. I have a Samsung Replenish. 

Ok, before you keel over laughing, I will say that I bought that phone because the manufacturer sold a solar charging case to go with it.

So I forked over my money enthusiastically. I was heartily disappointed with the solar charger (and the phone too, but that is another story.)

The problem I had, was that whenever I used the solar charger the phone would get very hot. It was pretty much unusable because it would overheat and shut off completely. DUD!!!

So when the Platinum Choice Products Solar Phone Charger came along, I thought it was worth a try. 

The first few days I had it, it was cloudy out. I tried to charge the phone, but no deal. You need full sun to charge- as it is described in the packaging. 

I tried office lights too. Although I did get a light on the indicator panel, it wouldn't charge my device. Again- it wasn't advertised to, so it was just for fun.

FINALLY we got some sun and I got a charge!!! I was able to get a few % increase on my way to the dentist office one day, and I was very pleased. ( not with the dentist- I broke a tooth and needed a root canal, which ended badly and resulted in an extraction later.. oh the luck!)

I did notice that the phone was a little warm, so I would be careful about leaving it for long periods unattended without checking- but if I was off the grid somewhere, this would be a great device to attach to a backpack or tent while adventuring to keep it topped off for emergencies.

The panel is lightweight- at about 7 ounces. It is flat- and a little flexible, but I would be very careful about where it is stored- you don't want to break this precious puppy! 

I received the camo color, which will be great to send out with the man when he is adventuring in the woods and such, but it also comes in green and blue which are attractive.

It is about the size of a sheet of paper- 11x 7.5 inches. Not too shabby.

Recharge your aerial device?

Overall, I am really in love with the Platinum Choice Products Solar Phone Charger.

 I will be very happy to use it as a back up in my home, and out adventuring in the world. 

Thanks so much!

ps- Every guy in my office wanted this. ;)