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Friday, April 17, 2015

Pembrook Non Skid Socks Review

Pembrook Non Skid Socks Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I was very excited to get approved to review a set of 

Pembrook Non Skid Socks. I can always use a pair of great socks.

There is no way to candy coat it folks- I have big feet. I also have really slippery floors in my house. I usually see those cute and cuddly socks at the stores, and once in a while I pick a pair up and I quickly find the same 2 things- the socks never fit me, and they are slippery as ice skates on a hockey rink.

So the Pembrook Non Skid Socks arrived. Happily, they fit me! I was super excited about this. I was also very happy that they didn't have that weird chemical smell that all my new socks seem to have lately- I don't know what that smell is, but it usually takes me several washes to kill it. No scent here- I washed these once and they were on me.

So the fit is good. But what I really love is the non slip surface on the bottom of the socks. Sometimes the non slip part is just in a few spots- but these socks have a nice ever covering in non slip, and they are nice and grippy on my tile and laminate surfaces.
They are not TOO grippy on carpet- which is also good, because too much grip sends you flying if you are not careful.

I love the grey and black colors that I picked, but you can also get a set with pink and blue. Of course, I am not too girly so I pass on pink... lol.

I have been wearing these socks for a few weeks, and several washes, and I have found they are still just as soft and fuzzy as they were out of the package. 

I have been very satisfied with the Pembrook Non Skid Socks. They will be my favorites from now on!