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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kitchen Ezentials Iceless Wine Chiller Review

Kitchen Ezentials Iceless Wine Chiller Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

We are fans of wine in this house! We drink it with dinner sometimes, and usually when we show up for dinner or a party, we have wine in hand.. that is the thing to do right? It is always a great idea- plus, if there isn't anything else you like to drink at the party, you know you are set!

We were very pleased to get approved to review the Kitchen Ezentials Iceless Wine Chiller

What is the Kitchen Ezentials Iceless Wine Chiller and what does it do?

It is a:

  • Chiller with a lid to keep bugs out
  • Iceless device
  • Stainless Steel and BPA Free product

Let me tell you-I broke the cork off of a nice bottle of wine at a hockey tailgate once.. I let the bottle sit out next to me and was horrified to discover that the gnats made them selves a nice drunken little swimming pool in my wine. I only had one glass!!! The sadness!

If I had had this product then, I would not have lost that wine to gnats.. ugh!!!

How does the Kitchen Ezentials Iceless Wine Chiller work?

  1. Keep the stainless steel wine chiller in the freezer for 2 hours
  2. Take it out
  3. Pour out half a glass of wine to make room for the wine chiller. 
  4. Attach to the pourer.

This could not be easier to use!

No more searching for the ice bucket, and towels to dry it off from the ice bucket, and especially- no more warm wine if you forget to pop it in the fridge in time.

Of course, this isn't just something you will want to keep for yourself alone. I can seriously see myself giving this as a gift to a few of the people on my shopping list. Mother's Day? Father's Day?

Every day?

I don't really need a reason. Wine at the proper temperature is essential to enjoyment. 

This is looking pretty inviting to me. A classy looking design that will be in use at our house for awhile.

Thanks so much to Kitchen Ezentials Iceless Wine Chiller for letting us review this genius product!