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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jumbo Shade Car Sun Shade by Sun Filled Life

Jumbo Shade Car Sun Shade by Sun Filled Life

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I live in Phoenix, and I have to tell you that a sun shade is not a "nice to have" accessory in the blazing summer- it is a requirement. 

The Jumbo Shade Car Sun Shade by Sun Filled Life was on its way to me, and I was very interested.
Not me, not my car;) Picture  from Sun Filled Life

I have had the same pathetic set of shades for my car for years, and I have to say that I never really thought about trying to get something better.. I have just lived with the ineffectiveness of the one I have. It is a nasty, thin, 2 piece deal and hard to fold up. It springs into my face, it never stays closed and I generally get angry at it. 

When I was offered the review of this shade, I was not really thinking it would be so much different from other models I have tried in the past, but I was wrong!

Picture from Sun Filled Life

First off the details on the Jumbo Shade Car Sun Shade by Sun Filled Life:

  • it POPS open to 31.5 inches x 62 inches, with a 27 inch ring support diameter.
  • Vehicles stay up to 44 degrees fahrenheit cooler by blocking out the direct sun and radiant heat.
  • Reflective silver nylon blocks 99% of the UV rays. Fast and easy to use. Installs and folds in seconds
  • Available on Amazon

This thing is big!

What was my experience with the Jumbo Shade Car Sun Shade by Sun Filled Life?

I have a Prius, and it has a decent sized windshield, and this shade fits like it was made for my car. AS you can see from the pictures of my car- it is actually a little big, and overlaps in a few places. This is not an issue- it just works better for me.

 I really love the thickness of the material, the sturdiness and the fact that it is one piece instead of 2. I can wad the thing up, jam it into the passenger seat space and it stays there. 

The shade is easy to pop back open and get positioned too.

Picture from Sun Filled Life
Here you can see it folds up easily and fits into the VWs side pocket. Mine is filled with a bunch of napkins and safety glasses (safety people.. ugh.) 

I can get it exactly where it is needed quickly- who wants to sit in a hot car in the driveway fussing with a shade? Not me. Not when it is 115 out. This shade keeps the sun to a minimum. The inside is black and it really blocks the light. The outside silver color reflects it. 

I cannot imagine a better shade.

Picture from Sun Filled Life
I am so completely satisfied with the performance of the Jumbo Shade Car Sun Shade by Sun Filled Life

Thanks SO much to these folks for making my car a little less warm. Now I need something for the rest of the car.. lol.