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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Circle Contact Lenses Blog Review

Circle Contact Lenses Blog Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

If you have contact lenses, part of the fun is being able to change your eye color. I don't wear contacts, but the man of the house does, so I was pretty excited to have him try out the special lenses from Circle Contact Lenses.

Have you heard of these special lenses? they have been featured on popular YouTube channels such as JLovesMac1, bebexo, saaammage, pursebuzz and many more. I think it is pretty neat!

So what makes Circle Contact Lenses different?

They are:

  • special extra-wide cosmetic contact lenses which make the eye appear larger
  • extra dark colored around the outer ring of the lens 

I was super excited to get the package in the mail. 

I had ordered the set with the man's prescription and it was a super easy process. I did have a hard time picking from the huge selection of lenses.

Here is the package we got- it was super cute packaging. Of course the toddler got ahold of that bag, and we will never see it again.. lol. But if you wanted to keep your lenses in a bag like this, you could!
 The packaging was very secure. The bottles are glass that contain the lenses, so it needed to be protected. And it was! They were helpful to include a little pink case for the lenses too. Of course the man of the house is not a huge fan of pink, but he loved the lenses so much, I think he will get over it..

The bottles.

Here you can see the cool effect of the lenses.

So what was our experience with the Circle Contact Lenses?

The man was easily able to unpack everything and get the lenses in his eyes in minutes. Of course with pictures all along the way, it slowed him down.

Here are his lovely eyes before the lenses, and then after:

Left eye is the special lens, the right is his eye.
It really does make the eye appear larger!

Here is a close up of one eye so you can really see the effect

I think he really enjoyed wearing the new lenses. He said there is a small adjustment time when wearing these. He has astigmatism, so I think this is his experience every time he wears new contacts. He could definitely see like normal, and he even drove a car to the zoo over the weekend with them in.

They make the eye look bigger, and unusual. 

I think if I didn't know they were contacts, I would be looking at his eyes saying- WOW- and trying to figure them out. SO BIG.. 

There are quite a few color choices, and it would be fun to have a whole collection of these to mix and match for different days of the week and such.

They would also be really nice for dress up and costume type activities. We do love dressing up in charecter, so these will defintiely be a part of that.

Of course, he can wear them every day too just to spruce it all up.

We were very happy with the quality of the Circle Contact Lenses, and would definitely consider purchasing them in the future.

Thanks so much for letting us review them.