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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BRI Nutrition’s Garlic Review

BRI Nutrition’s Garlic Review

Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product in exchange for my honest review.

There are about a million reasons to take a garlic supplement. It is a powerful antioxidant but eating raw garlic, as much as I love it, makes me stink! It also destroys my stomach and gives me heartburn.. so I like to use a supplement. 

They are not all created equal.

 Why take a garlic supplement at all?

 Key ingredients in garlic help support a number of biological functions:

  • Ferroportin- improves iron metabolism
  • Hydrogen sulfide- protects cardio system
  • Allylpolysulfides- lowers inflammation and oxidative stress. This applies to the blodd vessels and heart
  • Vitamin B6- helps prevent heart disease by lowering homocyesteine
  • Can help prevent cancer! (studies have proven it)

Why use BRI Nutrition’s Garlic Extra Strength?

  • Burpless
  • Odorless
  • Made in the USA
  • Made in a GMP certified facility

What was my experience with BRI Nutrition’s Garlic Extra Strength?

First- I like my supplements to be made in the US- this one is!

I also like to take a pill that doesn't knock me over when I open the bottle. This one has no real scent. That is amazing to me. I am not sure how they do it, but I leave that science to them. 

It is a normal sized pill (ok- it is a cute little gel ball) and easy to swallow. 

I was pleased to have no nasty garlic burps and no heartburn from BRI Nutrition. These are all wins for me. 

I am very happy to take this supplement every day!

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