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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bramble Box Kids Subscription Review and Giveaway

Bramble Box Kids Subscription Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I was super excited to get to review a Bramble Box today! First- I really love trying out new products, especially with toddlers.. second- we are trying out our first unboxing video... we hope you enjoy it.

Here is our first unboxing video:

First off, the Bramble Box  is for kids that are older than 3, and up to 8. That is about right for us- my daughter was big on putting stuff in her mouth up until the last few months, so we were ready!

I was stoked to see that the box was for Veterinarian dress up. Each box is themed with a dress up component, and then some props related to the profession. There is a postal carrier, a scientist theme etc.

The box came with some different ways to use the tools in the package. My daughter can't read at her age, but we can do several of these things anyway.

We have been wanting a stethoscope for a long time. We have a pink plastic one, but she knows the deal... that isn't how they really look. This one looks realistic and it is pretty functional to pick up sounds. We also got a small plastic velcro collar ( Elizabethan collar.)

She waved it at me!

Next we had pet food.

What a clever idea. It was little fuzzy balls.

This bag had quite a few neat things. A bandage tube, some velcro "fleas", tongue depressors, some face masks and a syringe. ( no needles.)

There were some forms to collect patient info. With all of our equipment we can do a nice workup!

Some black construction paper so they doc can create their own x-rays with chalk.

I asked my daughter to bring a small animal from her room to fit the plastic collar. She came back with "Go Dog Go" and the collar fit his neck. She put it on herself.

Then she set about taking his critical information.

She checked his heartbeat.

Then I gave him "fleas." They stuck on his fur very nicely. She was amused.

She tried to get this in his mouth, but he was entirely uncooperative.

The bandage easily went on his arm, it was quite injured apparently.

He needed a shot.

And another.. and another. And so did her knee, and my arm and her face and everything in the living room. " You are all better now Mama." 
Whew.. I am...

She wasn't sure about the face mask, I had to demonstrate. She was not really impressed with this look.

More work on the dog.

HA! She tried it at last, but was still unimpressed. I am sure she will try it again though.

I like that these are things she might see in a medical setting. No kid likes to go to the doctor especially when they are sick or injured, but this is nice because it lets her get used to some of these tools at home, on herself or on "patients." She can model behavior and not be as afraid next time she sees some of these things for real life.

Overall I am pretty impressed with this collection. Even though there were some things in the box she was not quite ready for, there was enough there to entertain her for about 45 minutes. In toddler time, that is close to forever. 

Now that I am typing this up, she saw the pictures, and is back at it again. She is trying the mask again. lol... I suspect that we can put the equipment in her own little doctor kit and she will be able to use this on her "patients" for a long time to come. 

The equipment is real, and is sturdy enough for some serious play. 

I like the way she is modelling the empathetic behavior we try to show her. If she gives a shot, she talks sweetly to the dog- so nice doggie, it wasn't so bad doggie. Here doggie... very nice for me to see that.

The components are simple, and once you see it all you say- oh, how simple, I wish I had thought of that! But who has time to create a new dress up and play set each month? Not me, not really.

I could see this being a great gift from a relative that wants a child to think of them each month when the new kit arrives. 

The Bramble Box  has different subscription levels- single or more months and each month is different.  The more months you subscribe to, the lower your price. 

A single month is $25 and shipping is free.

The Bramble Box website shows you clearly what the options are, and it is easy to shop. 

If I were going to purchase from them, I would take advantage of a multi-month package for the best rates!

Thanks so much to Bramble Box for letting us try this out- we love it.

Now for some deals and the giveaway-

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