Disclosure: I may have received a free product or other compensation for any/all products on this site in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Try The World Box Review

Try The World Box Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I really love to try new foods, so when I was approved for the Try The World review I was SUPER excited.

Basically, you pay a set amount for a food box to be shipped every other month. There are several areas of the world that they have featured so far- the one I received was Marrakesh. I was SO excited the day I saw the Try The World box arrive.

First off, the Try The World box was a really beautiful color.. like a Tiffany blue (sorry.. lol.) It was a real heavy box too!

The first thing to see was a guide to the culture of Marrakesh. This was cool. It had info on the food and culture, and some great recipes.

There was also a guide to each of the items that were found in the box. It was a kind of overview of what to do with the ingredients.

All of the containers were nestled nicely in this orange shredded paper. It really looked neat, and it was kind of fun digging through the box to pull out each treasure. My daughter also enjoyed the orange paper.. we have been finding it everywhere in the house. That is ok.. it vacuums up ok;)

My first treasure- gourmet harissa. It is a condiment that is very popular. I decided to add it to some cooked hamburger meat one night. It may have been an odd choice, but it was SO GOOD!!! This stuff can make any old food good. I mixed it with mac n cheese too, and it added a dimension that made boring toddler dinner more fun. 
I will be putting this on everything from now on. 

Sardines in a paper package. Now- I have not tried these yet. I am not a huge sardine fan, but I will be trying them... probably with harissa;) 

These are lemons- preserved in a glass jar. There are 100000 recipes I have save to cook these with. Probably going to be a chicken dish on the grill. Saving this for a big meal.

This is a very popular rub online. Ras El Hanout. It has some great ingredients and we used it on some steaks that we grilled. A little bit of this went a long way and made our steaks absolutely incredible tasting. Pure. Awesome. I will be looking for more of this when we run out.

We haven't tried the kefta rub yet but there will be some steaks or burgers soon that will get a treat with this. It smells absolutely incredible.

Argan oil has been in many of my reviews for hair and skin care products, but I have never eaten it. We will be formulating some good meals with this soon.

Here is the Try The World box again. Just overflowing with yummy stuff to try.

The costs of the boxes are $39 for one month, $105 for 3 and $198 for 6. They come every other month, so the subscription lasts awhile. 

Considering the gourmet nature of these items, I definitely think you would get your money's worth each month, especially if you consider the cost of shipping the heavy glass items. You would not want to try this if you are boring and hate trying new things.. lol- that is not us!

We adored the box of goodies.

I really enjoyed scouring the internet for recipes for a few of these items, but the ones like the rubs were easy to incorporate into our everyday cooking because we do flavor our meats with a lot of Middle Eastern and Indian spices already.

If you are looking to spice up your menu, or you are looking for a gift for someone who does- the Try The World subscription is for you.

Thanks so much to Try The World for letting us "try the world."