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Saturday, March 28, 2015

SafetyPUP XD URBAN Dog Vest Review and Giveaway

SafetyPUP XD URBAN Dog Vest Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

We have a pretty awesome dog. We also live in Phoenix where summer walks in the daytime are pretty much a no go.  It is hot, and the sidewalk hurts doggie's feet.

So, it is a pretty awesome idea to have a SafetyPUP XD URBAN reflective dog vest for our dog, in addition to our reflective wear and flashlights.

We can now walk at night and not worry about her not being seen.

The SafetyPUP XD URBAN reflective dog vest comes in a few pretty nice colors. We picked blue for our dog. I really liked it!

What was our experience with it?

Well, out dog was pretty wild. She saw that we were going outside, and she loses her mind a bit. At this time of year, we really do start spending more time indoors with her, so outside is wild times. 

I got her calm, and managed to get the vest on her pretty quickly. Looking back, I think using a leash first would have been more useful for her. She calms down faster that way I think.

Anyway, I got it on, but quickly realized 2 things- 

1- I left a tag on her. 

2- I didn't have the velcro tight enough for the vest to stay straight.

I will say, that even though I didn't have it on quite right, it was not coming off or impacting her in any way. It also did not impact the ability of the vest to be effective to reflect car lights.

My happy goofy dog.

The velcro is sturdy and is very forgiving to put on. She really didn't mess about with it, and really just went about her business.. in this picture, she is stalking a bunny rabbit that lives in the yard.

Our dog, as you can see, is long, like the German Shepard she is, and we were advised to get the medium. She is about 45 pounds, even though she is a shorty.

I think this fit perfectly for her. She is really pretty trim, but it is nice to know if she ever decides to turn into a giant dog sausage, this will definitely have enough room for her to grow.  Both the neck and belly strap have a lot of room left.

(I can say though- we really do try to keep her trim to avoid joint issues.)

This is the size chart- 

Large - dogs between 61lbs and 100lbs - Available in Blue, Red, and Yellow
Medium - dogs between 36lbs and 60lbs - Available in Blue, Red, and Yellow
Small - dogs between 22lbs and 35lbs - Available in Blue, Yellow, Red and Pink
X-small - dogs between 13lbs and 23lbs - Available in Blue, Yellow and Pink

One thing to note- is that this is not a safety harness. There is a loop on the back of the vest, but it is NOT for leashes. If your dog as attached with that, the velcro is not going to restrain your dog. 

It can be used to attach a tiny flash light or flasher which is a pretty sweet idea in addition to the reflection vest.

So- are you ready to go get your own SafetyPUP XD URBAN reflective dog vest

Ok... in the mean time, you can also enter to win one!

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