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Friday, March 27, 2015

Kiva Hot and Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika Powder Review

Kiva Hot and Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika Powder Review

Disclosure:I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I have to admit, that I had not really given paprika much thought in the past. I have a bottle of it in the cupboard- but to be honest, it is something I only use periodically and generally only for deviled eggs. 

When I got approved to review the Kiva Hot and Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika Powder  I thought this was a great time to toss the old bottle and try something new.

Here is the description I was provided:

Sweet Smoked Paprika: Deep, rich flavor with a slightly sweet undertone. 

Hot Smoked Paprika
 Deep, rich, slightly spicy flavor 

I honestly did not even know that it came in different varieties- and now here I had 2 bottles and they seemed like a delight. The only issue I had, was a horrible sinus infection.. it left me with literally NO sense of smell or taste. 

Even 2 weeks later, my ear is still stuffed up and my sense is only half way returned. It makes eating a chore!

However, I was not going to be undaunted. I collected recipes and hoped for something to clear up. My first adventure was on a sick day. 

I was eating ice cream- vanilla, tasteless to me but the sensation was great. I decided, why not try the spicey? I sprinkled a bit on my ice cream. I admit- no taste- but MAN I suddenly had a little looser nose, and my tongue was tingling.. so I kept heaping it on. I suspect this is not a good idea normally.

Later, when my nose was a bit better, we added paprika to a crock pot chicken dish. It was oil, chicken, a jar of lemon preserves and the paprika- the sweet one. I have to say- it was the tastiest food I had eaten in weeks. 
YUM. What flavor! 

The smoky paprika really added a fantastic flavor to the dish.  It was also good with a sprinkle of the spicy just to mix it up.

I am so impressed with the taste of these 2 bottles of Kiva Hot and Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika Powder.

It is no longer going to take a back seat in my cabinet. And yes, I will be tossing that old bottle, and NEVER going back.

Want some recipes to use this great stuff on?

Check out my Pinterest board.

Thanks so much to Kiva for letting us once again discover a new way to flavor!