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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Icare Callus Remover Review and Giveaway

Icare Callus Remover Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I was very happy to get approved to review the Icare Callus Remover . I would tell you that I have super nasty dry and cracked feet, but the depth of the cracks and dryness are not what most people think of.

My feet are like 2 husks of horrors. I use lotion, I use a cheese grater thing on my feet in the shower.. I really try to keep up on the depth of the grodiness, but it is hard with a toddler sometimes. It is hard because I am always in a rush in the shower too.

I make my own foot balm even… it is think and full of beeswax to fill these crevices that form in my feet. But in the end, all this work has not been enough to cope with the desert. It is just dry here most of the year. Like 8% humidity. 8. If you have never lived in that kind of dryness, you probably can’t get a full picture of what it means.

So my feet are nasty.

When I got the  Icare Callus Remover I asked the man of the house to go to town on my nasty feet. He was happy to help. (he had just gotten over 2 nasty days of sickness and I got to do a lot of extra toddler tending.)
 I was happy to have some tlc.

He and the toddler sanded my feet. A LONG TIME. They created a pile of nasty grated cheese looking foot skin. (ok ewww.) I will say that the living room was not the place to do this. I wasn’t even complaining though.

The  Icare Callus Remover got hot it was working so hard. It wasn’t a big deal though. In the end after quite a long session, my feet were smoother. Then the toddler and man rubbed my foot balm on my feet and put my favorite fuzzy socks. All while I sat happily on the couch and watched a movie or something. I was so happy.

My feet were so smooth! My skin was not snagging my socks.

I really like that this unit has 2 heads that come with it. It can be used wet or dry. The dry can be done anywhere, but you know, next time I think the tub may be a better place to do it.. lol.. or outside.. if your feet aren’t as nasty as mine, maybe a towel to catch the skin would help..

Overall, I am very pleased with the  Icare Callus Remover

I will be happy to use it again in the future. More happy to have the man use it on my feet though;)

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