Disclosure: I may have received a free product or other compensation for any/all products on this site in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

AloeCure Review

AloeCure Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

We love aloe vera at our house, so we were excited to review the AloeCure product.

Whenever we get an owie or a burn in our house, we pretty much run outside and grab some of the aloe vera from the yard and apply it.  

I literally brought 2 plants from my old house- I stuck one in a pot in the front yard, and one in the dirt in the backyard.. I ignored both completely, but by some twist, the plants thrived and now cover quite a bit of real estate in my yard.  

The potted plant grew some viciously it busted out of the pot and started growing AROUND it. When I tell you that I kill everything else, it is pretty amazing that this stuff is alive after 15 years at all.

Aloe vera must be hearty! It is also a great cure for about a thousand different conditions. It is not surprising that a product was created to help our insides, instead of just our outsides!

I was sent a HUGE box of AloeCure to review. We were anxious to see how it worked.

Why use AloeCure?

  • a natural heart burn cure
  • to heal a damaged digestive system
  • to buffer acids with malic-calcium
  • to soothe a stomach
  • to add vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the natural aloe
  • to boost immunity
  • to take an organic aloe
  • to access Aloe Barbadensis Miller ( the best healer of the 400 species of aloe)

( I don't know the species of aloe in my yard.)

So what was my experience with AloeCure?

The dosage of AloeCure is a few ounces, and they are helpful to send a cute little measuring cup that can be washed and returned to the lid. There is a lot of liquid in one container, and I was sent several, so I know I will be stocked for quite some time.

I found the grape taste to be not entirely appealing- but afterall, it is a medicine, and it was easy enough to get through. The man of the house seemed to like it better than me, and that is kind of unusual in itself! 

It has natural sweeteners, and no sugar added, so it is not a sicky sweetened taste like some of the other antacids on the market.

We imbibed this on a night where pizza and wings were in the house. Normally I prepare for an evening like this with a non natural antacid pill. Of course, if you are on some medications, those pills are not ok to take, so I would say that AloeCure is going to be a much better choice for that situation.

I did not experience heart burn as I normally would! I was very pleased with that result! I did not have any kind of side effects or other negative occurrences either.. and if you read my reviews, you know I can be a delicate flower;)

Overall, I was very pleased with AloeCure. I will definitely reach for this product on future pizza nights or any time my belly is just not right.. just like the aloe in the yard, this product was great!