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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The COVERPLUG Paintable Outlet Cover Review

The COVERPLUG Paintable Outlet Cover Review

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

I was pretty excited when we were approved to review the Coverplug Paintable Outlet Cover.

I have a pretty neutral palette in my house, but I will say, the child covers are not visually appealing at all.. Until now! 

Coverplug Paintable Outlet Covers give you the opportunity to cover your electrical outlets in style. They come 2 in a box and the price is pretty reasonabl.

I certainly would never advocate NOT covering outlets..and I really always liked the idea of covered outlets long before I had kids. 

Maybe it is my overactive safety imagination, or too many reports about people that accidentally stick wires and branches and other odd things by accident into their plugs at home. I really like to cover the plugs to prevent being one of those people.. 

I do not like the way the traditional ones look though. I also happen to think that they sometimes attract the attention of kids as something they can remove and play with. 

The Coverplug Paintable Outlet Cover can be painted to match your walls. Regular paint is going to stay fresh and match your walls for years to come.. or whenever you redecorate. I like the idea of one solid color that does not attract the attention of little people, or big ones.

It kind of camouflages the outlet.  

I had the thought that older kids could decorate their own plugs, once they were old enough to know better than to stick things in the outlets.. or of course adults. 

But either way- neutral or decorated, the outlets are not going to be ugly in my house anymore.. at least the 2 that are covered now!

Thanks so much to the folks that make Coverplug Paintable Outlet Cover for letting us review their product!