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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pure Dead Sea Mud - DIY Skin Care Review

Pure Dead Sea Mud - 11 Pounds - DIY Skin Care Review

Disclosure:I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

When you get 11 pounds of mud in the mail, you know something exciting is about to happen!
 I was super stoked to get approved to review the 11 pound bucket of Adovia Pure Dead Sea Mud.

I have reviewed several great Adovia products over the past year or so. Their quality is fantastic and I find such soothing moments using them. I really get few moments alone to pamper myself, so the minutes I do get, need to be the best.

I was super lucky today to get a great spa experience thanks to the man of the house and a toddler. The two of them slathered me with mud, and left me in the bathroom to relax. 

I have to say- you have not had a mud mask until you have had a toddler mud mask.. she was squealing with joy to cover my legs in green mud. 

Why use the Adovia Pure Dead Sea Mud?

Well first off- the 11 pound bucket is not just for your face. It is in bulk so you can lavish yourself in healing mud. Dead Sea mud is world renowned for its healing properties.

You can also use it for slimming wraps, detox treatments, or just to soothe yourself, like I did. 

I like to use a wrap after I have been sick. It makes me feel like I am washing away all the illness with the mud.. the dead skin is gently exfoliated away and the new skin just glows!

The Adovia Pure Dead Sea Mud is pure and unprocessed mud, straight from Israel. They add no fragrances, the add nothing. 

Are you worried it won't last? The shelf life after purchase is a generous year. So consider this the challenge- to use it all before the year is up.. don't save this for another day- get a pail and experience the awesomeness of covering yourself in mud!

Overall, I am over the moon for the Adovia Pure Dead Sea Mud in the 11 pound pail. It is an incredible product from a company I love working with! Thanks!!