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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Plugfones Review + Giveaway

Plugfones Review + Giveaway

So you may know, that I am a safety and environmental person in my "real life." I don't usually get to mix my blog reviews with my profession, so when Plugfones approved my review, I was very pleased.

I have worked in many different environments in the past, and I have found that alot of people like to listen music in their work. Sometimes this is safe, but in an area where there is loud noise, the workers are missing out on vital hearing protection. They also crank up their tunes to drown out the work related noise. 

These are recipes for disaster. 

Hearing is a sense that we cannot recover when it is lost. 

Hearing aids can help, but why not protect yourself?

The Plugfones  give everyone the option to listen to music at safe levels while still blocking out the dangerous external levels of noise. 

Of course, if you aren't in a factory, you still get exposed to sound that is too loud. Motorcycles, airplanes, and contractors often get exposed to loud noises, and they also may want to hear their tunes while working.

The Plugfones  family has a range of products for each type of environment.

Contractor Yellow or Orange, Performer, Executive, Ranger, or Motorhead

I tested mine during a fire drill at work. I can tell you that my fire alarms are fully functional and LOUD. They sure made me want to leave the building.. until I put on my Plugfones . I was able to listen to a nice song while I watched everyone pour out the building. ( in a drill you need to go but I stay!)

They were comfy and they didn't make my ears feel "ooky" like some hearing protection can. I like that there are 2 sets of different plugs so I can choose how I want to use the headphones. 

I was very pleased with this performance. I would be glad to buy these for my co-workers!

Want to try a set of your own? The Plugfones  makers have given me a coupon to share with you.

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