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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mass Vision Sunglasses Review

Mass Vision Sunglasses Review

Disclosure: I was provided a free sample of this product in exchange for my honest review.

I live in Phoenix, and the sun here can blind you SO quickly while driving around town. I was very happy to receive a pair of sunglasses for review from Mass Vision.

I had a choice of a few models- but I have to say that the bling was on my mind.. I chose the glasses you see above.. just a touch of bling.. enough to say hello, but not HELLLLLLOOOO.. lol

Mass Vision offer over 700 styles of fashion and sport sunglasses.  They have all kinds of colors and styles that will suit just about anyone with a face. As it turns out- they had a pair for me!

The prices are very reasonable, and if you are looking to accesorize a few outfits, this is a great way to go.

I found the glasses to be well packaged upon arrival, with no scratches or anything like that. 

I always worry when ordering online, because you don't know what to expect- these glasses fit pretty standard, and they are great to wear on those sunrise and sunset drives that blind you, but they aren't so dark that you can't see. 

They seem to be pretty well made. They should definitely last me awhile in my car!

I was very pleased with the sunglasses from Mass Vision.