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Sunday, December 7, 2014

GlassesShop Review and Coupon

GlassesShop Review

Duncan - Black/Clear Eyeglasses

When I was asked to do a review of GlassesShop I could not say no! 

The man of the house wears glasses. He actually wears contacts as well, but he likes to mix up the two during the week.  

With his insurance he only gets to choose one or the other each year, so he is always a little torn about which to get. 

He really did need more contacts this year, so having a pair of frames from GlassesShop made this so easy!

First off, buying glasses online is a little scary if you have not done it before. You might be nervous about the quality or fit.. this is actually the second time we have ordered frames from an online store, and the experience is really easy.

You get your prescription of course - and the rx for glasses is different than contacts, so make sure you get both if you want both.

You also can measure your face or old frames to see the size. With GlassesShop you can search by a number of features, and we always go for size first- the man of the house has a big face.. a big lovely face- and getting frames that fit right can sometimes be hard.

We had no trouble finding his size and the other parameter that is a must for him- the flexible frames. 

He really abuses the heck out of his glasses PLUS with a toddler there is always a little hand touching his face. Glasses need a little toughness.

The selection was great on GlassesShop. They even have sunglasses (which I was tempted to get for myself I might add;)

The features on the pair he got- single vision, anti-scratch coating, a handy case and a cleaning cloth. That comes for free with each pair!

He got the  Duncan  model. The price was really fantastic- $39.95!

Overall, after a few weeks of wearing these, we are very pleased. Sturdy, well made, and the prescription was perfect. 

It is hard to please the man when it comes to something he needs to use every day, but he was pleased with GlassesShop.

Before you head out- check out the special 20% off coupon code they have provided to you my dear readers! 

CODE: MichelleX20

This applies to the Duncan model:)

Thanks so much to GlassesShop for letting us try these glasses!