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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lambie & Me Lovie Review and Giveaway

Lambie & Me Lovie Review and Giveaway

I have been a big fan of Lambie & Me ever since we reviewed their swaddle blankets a while back. (we are still loving those swaddle blankets- we use them in bed, on the couch- EVERYWHERE!)

When they asked me if I wanted to review their new Lambie & Me Lovie, I could not say no.

My daughter is 2.5 but she is just starting to sleep with a lovie.. she picks different ones for different days, which kind of makes me laugh. It is from a small rotation of stuffed animals.

When we got the package in the mail with the Lambie & Me Lovie, she kind of went insane. She grabbed him and bolted.Squealing..

I was able to coax her back for photos, but she wouldn't let her hand off of the little fellow. I think that means she likes it.. lol. (She also would not stand still. )

The Lambie & Me Lovie is a combo of plush and satin. It is well made with no loose parts that are going to come loose in a toddler bed. (I still have issues with her eating things she shouldn't so this is a big thing for us.)

The satin was a little rougher than I thought it might be at first, but it really softened up quickly with washing. I appreciate the fact that it is a sturdy satin, because clearly, it is going to be abused around here!

I will be sending her to daycare starting this week, and they asked us to send a small stuffed toy for naptime. I instantly knew this was the thing! Everything needs to be labelled, so I took a chance and used her iron on name tag on the front of the toy. It was fine! I am not going to suggest this unless you are brave though- ironing synthetic fabric can be a hit or miss thing.

I am so in love with this little guy. I wish this had been around when she was an infant!

Thanks so much to  Lambie & Me for letting us review another wonderful item!

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