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Sunday, November 9, 2014

KingofChristmas Introduction, with a Giveaway!

 KingofChristmas Introduction, with a Giveaway!

Cypress Spruce Prelit LED Artificial Christmas Tree

Cypress Spruce Christmas Tree

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Believe it or not, there are MANY people in my social circles that already have their Christmas trees up. The music is all over, and the decor of Halloween is long gone and clearanced out.

If you have not at least picked up your tree, you are in need of some help in the form of the King of Christmas website. They are a a leading provider of high quality artificial Christmas trees and decorations at competitive pricing compared to other vendors.

They have unlit artificial Christmas trees that range from 5-9.5 feet. They also have beautiful pre-lit trees that make that tree assembly super easy year after year. No more messing with strings of lights! If you want a long lasting energy efficient tree, LED lights are even available.

Are you looking for a ‪7 foot artificial Christmas tree

This is a very common size that all houses can easily accommodate. This Jack Spruce is a great looking tree that is going to help you create holiday backdrops in your home for years to come. 

Jack Spruce Christmas Tree

Jack Spruce Christmas Tree

Personally, I would LOVE to have a 9.5 foot tree in my living room. We have vaulted ceilings, and a tree like this would really fill our room!
Yorkshire Slim Christmas Tree

Yorkshire Slim Christmas Tree

This is one of my favorites, because even though it is a tall tree- it is a slim tree- so you can get all the ornaments on, but vertically!

Ok- so maybe 9.5 isn't tall enough, they even have a 15 foot tree- perfect for outside decorating.

giantartificial christmas tree, king of christmas

15 Foot Giant Artificial Christmas Tree


With free shipping until 11/9, you cannot get a better deal than that!

Are you looking to decorate that fancy new tree? 

King of Christmas also has a great collection of ornaments to create that perfect winter wonderland in your living room or entryway.

Kurt Adler Platinum and Plum Flying Angel Christmas OrnamentVickerman 23665Gold Glitter Snowflake 6 AsstBox6 antique gold finial 2-box

I love when there is a second tree in the house that has a great color scheme. Gold and sparkly would be my choice!

12 blue spiral matte-glit 3-boxVickerman 12 Baby Blue Matte Glitter Spiral Drop Christmas Tree Ornament21 Blue rosemary spray x 632  Blue sprakle pine spray

You might even enhance that with these blue accents. Whatever you decide on, it is a perfect addition to your tree. You really can't go wrong with ornaments!

Whatever your style or decorating need, you will find great products and inspiration at King of Christmas!

Right now, the folks at King of Christmas are featuring a giveaway on their site- go enter now!

‪King of Christmas tree giveaway