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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Can Change The World Personalized Book & #ShareYourSmile Campaign

I Can Change The World Personalized Book & #ShareYourSmile Campaign

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

When I was a kid, I remember very clearly, a book that I got from an Aunty that was personalized for me. It was a story about a girl named Ellehcim... which is my name backwards.. I had a lot of books back then, but other than my Star Wars storybook, THAT is the one that sticks out to me most. 

This is why I am so excited to be asked to help promote a personalized book from Iseeme.com

The title is I Can Change The World. 

It is perfect for a boy or girl, age 2-8.

"An uplifting personalized book that inspires your child to spread kindness and give back to others. Even a small child has the ability to change the world!"

This is a such great theme for a kid's book. 

I so often see kids feel overwhelmed by the big big world, and it is a fantastic idea for them to see a positive message in a personalized book like this!

(Allow about 2 weeks for the creation and delivery of this book.)

If those were not enough reasons to check out this book, there is also a charity donation that will be made for each purchase. I See Me! is donating  to provide Thanksgiving meals to those in need through the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project.

So in addition to promoting this book, Iseeme.com is running a social campaign called #ShareYourSmile. 

They want customers, fans and friends to go online and post a photo of their child (or them) smiling,  and a caption about the good deed they did recently.

To participate use the hashtag #ShareYourSmile

Here is our pic!

You can post on the Iseeme.com Facebook page, or Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

They also have created a website that will showcase all the smiles using #ShareYourSmile here.