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Sunday, October 26, 2014

VoilaVe 100% ORGANIC Rosehip Oil

VoilaVe 100% ORGANIC Rosehip Oil 

When the folks at VoilaVe asked me to review their Rosehip Oil, I could not say no.

I have just recently discovered rosehip oil, and I am wondering how I have been missing it all this time... this product is organic, which I love.  

What kind of formula is this?

  • Organic
  • Pure and unrefined
  • Cold pressed

The last is really related to the first in my opinion- I have read that many companies use toxic solvents to coax the oil out of the raw materials to get at the oil.  A cold press process eliminates the needs for solvents, leaving you with a pure product!

When you are looking for healing on your skin, the last thing you want to add is a toxic material!

So how does it work?

I have used 
 Rosehip Oil on my face, my elbows, my super nasty dry feet and recently on mosquito bites. We have been under attack and the rosehip oil takes the itch right down.. better than anything else I have tried. I never would have thought that would help. But I feel very comfortable putting this on my toddler to help her bites.

This bottle is made of dark glass, to protect the oil for a long time. There is also a handy dispenser which makes application easier.  Rosehip Oil can be a little runny, so you don't want to have to pour it out- what a mess!

The scent is a light oily smell- not a perfume, but earthier. I like using it all over- and the scent fades pretty quickly. For some reason it reminds me of my old school oil paints I used to use as a kid.. they were all non toxic, and a lot of fun. It was a nice memory! I have no idea what was in those paints..maybe it was rosehip oil?

Overall- I love this stuff! I am going to be a fan of rosehip oil for a long time and I am happy to have the  Rosehip Oil in my cabinet!

Thanks for providing me a sample of this product for review on my blog.