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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gunapod Sleep Sac Review

Gunapod Sleep Sac Review

I was recently asked to provide a review on the Gunapod Sleep Sac. I do not have a baby that is small enough to wear a sleep sac any longer, but I love these things, and I wanted to promote one this month as October is National SIDS Awareness Month.

If you have not looked up SIDS prevention techniques- Parents website has a nice summary. There was nothing scarier to me as a parent than to think my daughter could succumb to this as an infant. 

I used to watch her sleep because I was anxious! (Who hasn't done that?)

One of the techniques to prevent SIDS is the use of a sleep sack to eliminate the risks of blankets that can smother and wrap around baby in a dangerous way.

So this kid is looking totally happy!

The Gunapod that I was sent is an organic bamboo cotton material. It is super soft! I love the polka dot design- the available colors are pink, orange and chocolate- so there is a nice selection.

So what are some specific features of this sleep sac?

  • eco friendly
  • breathable
  • wicks moisture
  • 100% naturally grown & sustainable
  • naturally antibacterial
  • grown without pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals

I also love the zipper system on the Gunapod Sleep Sac
I have never seen a system of zippers with this much flexibility- you can get at the little kiddo from a variety of angles with the WonderZip system. 

You can also unsnap at the shoulders to go top down for a messy diaper disaster.. With a wiggly infant, it is nice to have a few different ways to get them in and out of a garment.

Side zip is SO handy.

This little snap at the top protects your little one from the zipper. 

Nicely finished seams and zipper area, will hold up a long time!

One of the things I really like about using a sleep sac is that I could dress my daughter up or down depending on the environment. In the winter, we would put on her long jammies for extra warmth. In the summer, she just had her diaper underneath. It made it so easy to keep her at just the right temperature. 

Plus, even now, she refuses to keep a blanket on her for sleeping. She just thrashes it away, so a sleep sac really solves that problem. She can kick and thrash all she wants, and a sleep sac will keep her warm and safe!

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality and design of the Gunapod Sleep Sac

Since I couldn't use this myself, after we were done examining it and photographing it, we decided to donate it to a raffle for a local babywearing event in town. I am sure there is one happy mama out there!

I only wish I had found them when my daughter was small enough to use them:)