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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Classic Conscious Box Review

Classic Conscious Box Review

I am going to admit it- I love getting packages in the mail practically every day. I review a lot of products, as you may have noticed. Most times I am very pleased with what I get.. and sometimes I just want more.. lol.

If you are like me, and you don't want to be a full time product reviewer- you want to get something spiffy in the mail on a regular basis, a subscription box program is for you!

I recently was offered a product for review - the Classic Conscious Box.  

This is one of 2 boxes offered by the company. 

It is easy to sign up and get the box that is best for you-

Taster and Plus are the 2 choices. 

The Plus box offers:

  • More premium and full-size products
  • Hand-selected food, bath, beauty and home products
  • All-Natural and GMO-free
  • Ships FREE!

The Taster box offers:

  • Hand-selected food, bath, beauty and home products
  • All-Natural and GMO-free
  • Ships FREE!

Once you pick the size box you want, you pick your custom options- are you Classic Conscious Box
like me? OR do you prefer Vegan or Gluten-Free? 

You pick the type of products you would like to sample.

After your box is delivered, you will notice that there are deals for the items in your box. You can then go the the website and buy these great products in the full size versions, in as many varieties as you like,

Why would you want to try a  Conscious Box (besides liking to get mail)?

Well, a lot of times you cannot get these items easily in the store. Non-GMO, organics.. these may not be widely available in your area. You may never even see them without this service.. and you could be missing out on your favorite product ever.

You are also supporting these companies- making their products more in demand, means wider distribution on the market.. you can help them succeed!

And my biggest reason (besides mail love) is that I often buy products not knowing if I will like them.. the sample sizes are so nice to have so you can try it and not feel bad if you don't like it. You haven't wasted a bunch of time and resources on something you don't care for.

Conscious Box delivers great products every month and you can try them and share them!

SO what was in my box?

First off- it is a cute box!

The box had a nice little insert talking about the products inside. 

OOOOHHHH- chock full of goodies- not just for me, but even a little sample pack of dog treats (which my dog adores.)

The packaging inside of the box can be pretty fancy too. There were samples of castille soap in this packet.

I have drinks, supplements, beverage additives and a probiotic for my toddler. (My toddler loved the probiotics,)

Coffee and dog treats- although pomegranate and coconut sounded ok for me to eat.. lol

Energy drink!

      Here are the castille soaps.    


A really nice card.

A discount on wine!

All the info sheets and deals included.

There were a few products in the box that I loved. There were a few things I was iffy on and one I didn't like at all.. but the beauty of it was that I got to try them!

Overall, I think you are going to enjoy this box if you have a sense of adventure and want to try new things. 

You can also gift a friend of loved one a box subscription.. this can really end that age old- what to buy problem that some folks get.. lol. I would love to get one of these every month!

So- check out the Conscious Box site, and see what you think, if you sign up, let me know your thoughts!

Thanks so much to Conscious Box for providing this product for review. 

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