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Friday, September 26, 2014

Youphoria Yoga Towels Review

Youphoria Yoga Towels Review

I have been doing yoga for the last 20 years or so.. not so much lately, but I have been trying to change that.. the perfect motivation has arrived, in the form of Youphoria Yoga Towels.

I was sent the loveliest, softest towel that you can touch. I got to pick from a nice selection of colors, and was loving this blue the best, so that is what I got!

First off- this is my lovely assistant. She is very helpful with testing products with me. She does great work. She thought that a tutu was the thing to wear for yoga today.

As you can see, the yoga towel is the perfect size for a standard yoga mat. It is 24" x 68". This allows plenty of room for a toddler to stretch out, or even mama if I am allowed to use my mat, which I am not, at this time. 

It is just a titch smaller actually, which is good, because otherwise you might not be able to line it up easily. And I am lazy. lol

Here you can see that the toddler was testing her running jumps. The mat stays in place very well for this. I was not concerned about slips here. She was doing great!

Here we touch our toes.

Here we are doing something that resembles triangle pose but is really someone checking out the toys I cleaned up earlier. 

So enough cute. 

Why use a yoga towel you ask?

Washing my mat is a pain. I take it in the shower with me and use a special cleaner designed to not dry out the mat.. but really, I would wash it a lot more if it wasn't a pain. 

I have had my favorite purple mat for almost 20 years, and I really do baby it, only taking it out for special occasions (am I weird?)

It always bugged me out rolling up my mat when people insisted on wearing their shoes to yoga class.. HELLO SHOE CUBBY!!

I didn't want my face smashed against their shoe that stepped through gum and poo and well, you know.. Now I have a layer to place between me and the mat that I can wash every time.

Plus people- I sweat in yoga. Even at my most fit, in a non hot yoga class I poured moisture. I was a hot mess. I love having a towel that sucks that up and doesn't leave a slick for me to go downward dog on.

The towel dries pretty fast, so you aren't going to stuck to a wet towel either.

I do need to have a little moisture going to pull off the perfect down dog on this, but there is rarely a class where I am doing that cold.. so no issues!

So what else can I use this for?

What? You need something else? Ok- hot and regular yoga are great, but maybe you do other workouts in between. Or maybe your yoga class got cancelled, and you have to go do something else that day.

You can use the Youphoria Yoga Towels for your workout towel! 

It is so soft. 

You can tell by the way that toddler was enjoying laying there that the towel was soft.. there are also some other pictures with her wrapped in it like a blanket, but she was rolling around and blurry- sorry.. models are hard to work with sometimes.
You can also use it as a picnic blanket.. keep it in your car and do random stops with this in tow.. you now have a nice place to hang out. Frisbee, hiking, the beach maybe.. not around Phoenix of course..there are loads of ways to use this.

I am so pleased with the Youphoria Yoga Towels. I am pretty sure I am going to need to get one for my toddler if I ever hope to do yoga with her around.. lol

Thanks so much to Youphoria for letting us review this. It has been a very fun time for us!

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