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Friday, September 5, 2014

Keeping Your Toddler Safe While Flying- Safety Tat Review

Keeping Your Toddler Safe While Flying- Safety Tat Review

I have recently ventured upon an airplane trip with my toddler. I have to say that I was pretty paranoid about the whole adventure- imagining so many scenarios in my mind, especially those where my daughter was separated from me.

Maybe it is just paranoia, or maybe a genuine concern for her well being. Airports are huge and bustling, and with a toddler who can barely say her name, you get worried.

I was seeking a way to make sure that if we got separated that we would be able to make contact if someone found her. I saw digital devices, but knowing my toddler, there is nothing I can make her carry or wear that will stay on her person in a non emergency, so those were not practical.

I ended up reading a blog where another frequent traveller mentioned that she wrote her contact number on her child before trips. Now that sounded great, but I really wanted that number to come off before we got some family pictures taken.. lol.

I searched the web and found  Safety Tat

I contacted them in order to try a sample of their product. 

What is Safety Tat?

A removable tattoo that is customized with your contact info. I was very interested. 

I was impressed with their site- so many products and choices, all designed with child safety in mind. 
I read that it was not a good idea to put a child's name, but instead the contact number. I placed my order for a pretty butterfly tattoo and we were ready to roll in a few days.

I decided to try out the tattoos before the trip, just to make sure I knew what to expect. I placed the tattoo on by following the instructions provided. It was easy and fast.

My daughter was interested in it, but we put it under an area that a short sleeve shirt would cover. She soon forgot about it.  

We wore it too a pool party. She had on a rashguard shirt, so it was in contact with moisture the whole day. 
We scrubbed her down at home after the party. 
She had a bath the next day.
She had a bath the day after that.. she had about 10 days of baths before the tattoo was ready to be removed. 

No irritation, so fuss, and the thing stayed on! 

Here she is post pool.. you can see the Safety Tat just peeking out of her sleeve.

We were sold. 

The Trip

The day of our trip arrived and we were ready to reapply a new one- again no fuss- and she wore her tattoo for about 2 days before we took it of.. It was easy- a little bit of lotion is all it took to remove it. 

As a side note, we also made sure to tell her, more than once, that the tattoo was her "numbers" that told other people who she was. 

She is only 2 but has a basic understanding of what that means.. our hope is that she would point this out in a situation.. not sure if that would be the case, but it is easy enough to place the tattoo somewhere easy to see on a non verbal child.

My thoughts

Overall a very excellent result. We felt confident that she would be able to keep this one for any amount of time we needed.. we also have a pack of them so they can be reapplied at will.

Thanks so much to Safety Tat for letting us try out this product. We loved it!