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Monday, September 22, 2014

Flirty Aprons Review- For Home or Business

Flirty Aprons Review- For Home or Business

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I was recently asked to provide a product review for Flirty Aprons.  I was pretty excited about the chance because I have been looking for an apron for my new Barefoot Books endeavor.

I was allowed the chance to select any apron, and I picked this one- the Cocoa Lime with Polka Dots

These happen to be some very hot colors right now, and I was thinking it would look very good with my coloring and such. 

I also need pockets for my vendor booth, so this was ideal for me!

Cocoa Lime Women's Flirty Apron Front

I had my first vendor event Saturday.. I got the apron in the mail when I got home.. I was a little bummed, but that event was last minute, so I really wasn't planning on using it just yet..

I do have my next event in a few weeks and I am sure this is going to meet my needs.. 

I ended up making a quick short pocket apron for myself for this weekend , and wearing it Saturday I realized that I was pulling it up all day. I need something that is attached at the neck as opposed to the waist-- it is like wearing heavy pants and having them fall all day.. lol.

This apron is very well made. The fabric is a nice weight. I will be able to keep my phone and some supplies in the pockets that will make my day a lot easier. I hate looking around in my booth for stuff!

The packaging is so simple. It is really perfect for any gift giving. It is so nicely folded in there. 

This Cocoa Lime with Polka Dots apron has 2 layers. If you are baking or cleaning in this, you have a little extra protection from whatever you are working with.

I adore this flirty little edging. It is just the right amount to set it apart from other boring aprons!

The inside is lime!

The straps are long and sturdy too. It is going to fit someone petite or on the larger side like me.. 

So this is definitely going to get a lot of use in our house- mostly for business for me. I really need those extra pockets! 

I can easily see me using this while using the BBQ outside as well. I always feel like I smell like meat for weeks.. this is going to cut that down. 

I am also a fan of using it on days when I might be doing something with oils or foods that stain. It would be a shame to mess up this really pretty though.. lol.

If you don't like these colors ( I can't imagine how that is possible) there are SO many choices on their site.

They also have a sweet looking men's line. No lace and ruffles on these.. The BBQ master in you house will appreciate that!

Cocoa Lime Girl's Flirty Apron Front

I also love the ones they have for kids- now my daughter and I can match!

And the littlest messy makers are included as well! Bibs! So nice. 
Go check out Flirty Aprons I know you will not be disappointed!

Thanks so much to Flirty Aprons for letting us try their product. We love it!