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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beautiful DIY Flowers Fresh From Bloominous

Beautiful DIY Flowers Fresh From Bloominous

I was just asked to do a review of Bloominous, and have been quite impressed with them!

What is Bloominous?

A company that provides DIY flowers for all of your special events.

Have you heard about DIY flowers?

When I think of this, I think of me, on Pinterest, trying to duplicate some glamorous setup and failing miserably. Bloominous is here to save us from ourselves with their easy DIY floral arrangements kits.

What kind of events can benefit from Bloominous?

Anniversary parties
Wedding showers
Baby showers

And anything else you are thinking about celebrating!

Ok? So what kind of savings can I expect?

In the case of weddings, if you have ever priced flowers and arrangements, you will be in sticker shock for sure! Bloominous has prices that would save you 30-50%!

So much goes into the cost of a floral planner, and that goes right into your event’s budget. Bloominous has transparent pricing, per item, so you can plan exactly what you need.

But am I destined for another Pinterest fail?

No- the folks at Bloominous are the best of both worlds- they save you money, but they also do a lot of the prep work for you- cut to order pieces, no thorns, trimmed.. no scissor disasters are in your future here.

They also provide instructions- with pictures.. I need pictures.. I am not that smart.. lol
Care instructions are also provided so your materials are preserved until that event takes place.

Can’t I just do this myself?


I don’t know how crafty and design oriented you are, but personally, I am not always the best with this sort of thing. I have ideas, but they don’t always gel. 

Bloominous has quality, professional design from experienced florists. These folks have been working in their craft for over 10 years and are definitely going to be able to put together something coherent and beautiful for you.

So if you are planning a wedding or other event, it is worth your time to consider Bloominous and their DIY flowers. 

Make your event shine, and save your budget for something else, like more desert!