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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Smart-Fab Sewing Project for Toddlers

Smart-Fab Sewing Project for Toddlers

We did a review earlier in the week for Smart-Fab non-woven fabric. 

We did this project as well but thought the 2 projects should be separate.

We try to do lots of fun and creative activities in our house. We were trying to be original with Smart-Fab, but MAN people in the world are so creative! 

We did find some things around the house and a great use for Smart-Fab. First off, she got wild with the first roll we opened. That was fun enough for a kid with a fever.. 


She tried to wrap herself in it. 
That was fine, there was no destroying it. 

 We then set off to the project.

I had a big embroidery hoop in my sewing room, and I decided to place a piece of the Smart-Fab in it. I gathered a plastic knitting type needle (not too pointy) and poked some holes in the fabric. It was really easy to do, and it didn't tear in the process. 

I then strung up some yarn and showed the toddler how the work was to go- by sewing the yarn through a few holes. She was off and running. 

I really love the fine hand control she is using to manipulate the needle here. She was very careful and worked the yarn as I had shown her.

She was inspecting her work carefully to make sure she was doing it right.

Smart-Fab is perfect for this project. You can find out more on Smart-Fab's site.

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