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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rtgs Micro LED 60 Warm White Color Indoor and Outdoor String Lights Review

Rtgs Micro LED 60 Warm White Color Indoor and Outdoor String Lights Review

You may have already seen the review I did recently on the 20 LED light set.. I am such a fan of these string lights that I was super excited to check out the Rtgs Micro LED 60 Warm White Color Indoor and Outdoor String Lights as well.

For this review I decided to make my daughter a light box.. we have an itching to buy some translucent magnetic tiles that she likes to play with at a local museum, and part of what makes those cool is that they place them on a light table. The tiles will glow!

I had a clear plastic shoe box just looking for a purpose, and I thought this could be it!

I took the box and filled it with these incredible lights.. I didnt get too fussy with the location and positioning just yet, since I know there is going to be a toddler carrying this box around for awhile.. But this is the gist of it... I have it sitting on a green quilt- so the green is not inside the box..

Those lights are so incredibly bright. 

I taped a piece of drawing paper on the underside of the lid to give it a not so see through appearance.. 


It is much more impressive in person, I promise.. but basically we have a nice little portable light box that she can use for drawing, the blocks, or other fun projects.

These lights are rated to last quite some time with decent batteries. Ours are still going, and we have been playing with this quite a bit. We also have a quick nightlight in the event of outages from our summer monsoons.. MAN we are getting a bunch this year!

Rtgs Micro LED 60 Warm White Color Indoor and Outdoor String Lights have a timer function!! You can turn them on at a certain time and they will turn on at the same time tomorrow and stay on for 6 hours!!!

The lights are great for all kinds of projects. If you need to decorate a space without power, these are going to be excellent.. they are so versatile!

They don't get hot, they don't have nasty little bulbs to break and they are going to store in a tiny little box if that is what we decide.. 

They can be used indoors and outdoors.. for parties, they would be incredible!  We only have on plug in our back yard so if we want lights back there, there is never enough juice.. these lights can be placed on trees, on a table, on a porch umbrella.. Endless ideas!

Somehow, I think my daughter is going to get these, and I am never going to be able to use them for MY projects.. 

Thanks so much to RTGS for another great set of lights to try!

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