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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Grab Green when You Clean Green Review

We are always interested in using natural cleaning products to clean green in our household, so I was very happy to be offered a chance to review a sample box of cleaning products from Grab Green.

I was sent the most amazing box of products to try:

3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Gardenia

Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Tangerine with Lemongrass

Dish Soap Red Pear with Magnolia

I always have laundry to do in this house. We go through detergent like air sometimes. Testing the Grab Green natural laundry detergent was a pleasure. We use cloth diapers, and flannel un paper towels and with a toddler and dog we have quilts on ALL furniture to absorb spills and such. We also have a pile of cotton rugs that we use all over since we don't have carpet anymore.

The load that needed washing was made of cotton rugs. I have to say, I washed the load and was not a big fan of the scent. We have the worlds worst washing machine (and it is only 3 months old) so we have a hard time getting soap to rinse out. The scent on the rugs was pretty strong for my preference, and it didn't wash out with 2 cycles. (That is not unusual for our machine though, My cloth diapers usually get SIX rinses.) I suspect in future washes I will break the pod down so less is used in the load. 

The rugs were super clean though, and the softness was comparable to what we are used to. ( No fabric softener here!) 

I had contacted the company and let them know about my experience, and they suggested that for us, it may be better to go with their fragrance free options. I think that will be a good call! (I also LOVE their service...)

Hand Soap Thyme with Fig Leaf

Next we have the hand soap. I have to say that this was my favorite product out of the bunch. I love scented hand soaps and this one was just right for us. I have VERY dry and sensitive skin and this soap cleaned my hands and didn't destroy my skin like some do. It left a light scent behind that I found appealing. I am very comfortable using this on my daughter's delicate hands as well.. she sure does love washing her hands now that she can reach the sink with her step stool!

Next up-dishes. We never seem to have a clean sink around here. There are dishes all the time! I filled up the dishwasher and let it rip. 
My first experience was not too good- but as it turns out we were having an issue with the dish washer! CATASTROPHE!
I had been careless with my daughter's Mickey Mouse plate, and the ears were sticking down into the mechanism that spins and rinses. It took us 3 washes to figure it out and all the while I was blaming the soap. DOH! I feel dumb!

We have very hard water and most soaps are not effectively rinsed. This detergent worked great and the dishes were clean. The kitchen has a nice scent of citrus when the load is done too!

We had a lot of use out of this soap when we were having our dishwasher issue...I don't usually do a lot of washing by hand since my hands are so sensitive.

The soap has a strong scent, but not bothersome. It rinsed off great and my hands were not over dried or irritated after all the washing. I was pleased to use this!

 Finally- my daughter's favorite part of the box (other than the box) was the shopping bag they sent. It was pretty nifty. It is a little pouch that folds up for easy storage- it even has a little clippy to attach to your purse so you can take it everywhere and use it!

Toddlers are pretty funny.

If I had to choose again, I think I would opt for the Fragrance Free Bundle for my personal usage- It is hypersensitive to smells and/or hypoallergenic it saves money and features all the great cleaning products without the fragrance, just a personal choice for us!

In fact, I see that the company won an award for their scents- so don't let our picky put you off.. 

I will definitely be on the look out for the Grab Green products when I visit my local stores- I see they are in SEVERAL near me! 

Using natural cleaning products is the best choice for our family, and really it is for everyone! These products perform the way we need them to, and we are extra picky on that too!

Thanks so much to Grab Green for letting us try these amazing cleaning products! It made cleaning a little more interesting for the week.