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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Diet to Go Meal Delivery Review and Giveaway

 Diet to Go Meal Delivery Review

I was recently offered a week of  Diet to Go meal delivery service to try and review.

I was pretty excited. I have been having some issues with my sugar being wonky lately, and the last time this happened, long before baby, the fix was a nice low carb diet to get everything back to normal.

I had just stopped breast feeding my daughter (she weaned on vacation) and the time seemed right to make changes in my diet.

Then, my giant box of frozen  Diet to Go meals arrived. Oh the chaos! 

My freezer was not prepared to handle this! I ended up putting a few 
meals in the fridge with the dry ice from the packaging.. then my refrigerator froze everything.. lol ( it always happens when the freezer is too packed.)

So I got to try the  Diet to Go meals a little sooner than I had planned. It was lunch time so I dug right it. I neglected to sort the meals in any kind of logical order so I just picked the fattest package.

It happened to be veal. Now I will say- I do not eat veal. I did not realize it was even an option until after it was already shipped.. it doesn't appear on the sample menus so I didn't even think about it. This is my bad, as they did give me an option to see menus. No issue. I decided to try it anyway.

I decided right away, even though it smelled great and the sauce was tasty, I couldn't eat it. I gave the broccoli to my daughter and the veal to the dog. I know. Bad me. I didn't want to throw it out. The dog is very happy. VERY happy.

So next up was the beef short ribs with Bordelaise sauce, with green beans and a celery puree. It cooked up after about 6 minutes of mixing it about and such, and smelled yummy.

It was tasty, pretty filling and I was happy to eat it after wasting the veal...

For dinner- Cumin Salmon with mustard greens, zucchini medley( artichokes, squash and a cheesey sauce).  This was pretty good. There was a decent portion of salmon, and I felt pretty full afterwards.

Other meals:

Chimichurra salmon was incredibly good. Large portion, very satisfying.. some of the asparagus was a bit stringy, but it was also very tasty.

Tomato Mushroom omelet with kale and sausage- I had some issues cooking this one. The sausage was done way before the eggs. I cut up the eggs to help but by the time I realized what happened, the sausage was over done. Still tasted great.. just chewy.

Turkey with cauliflower- Ok- kind of low calorie- 170, pretty sure I will be hungry before dinner. Cauliflower tasted of horseradish which seemed a little odd. Turkey was a little bland tasting, but had a burn to it. 

Pascale Creole Shrimp Stew was very tasty and satisfying. I will admit to adding some crackers to this, old habits die hard with carbs!

All of the breakfasts were large filing portions, and it was wonderful to wake up to such an easy selection. 

I burned through all of the meals over the next few days. 

I was pretty pleased with everything I ate. It was easy to prepare, easy to just pull something out of the freezer and life was good! I loved all the fish I was able to eat, which is something I never get enough of.

I ended up losing about 2 pounds on the  Diet to Go plan. If you go by the specialist's suggestions, that is about what you want to be doing in terms of weight loss. 

I could easily be on this diet long term and lose all of the weight I wanted with little sacrifice and fuss. 

And THAT was without much in the way of exercise. If I had added that to the mix I probably would have lost even more!

I was able to also get a lot of benefit from their online tracking tool. They have you track what you eat and what activities you do to burn calories. It was very easy to get back on track after a bad eating day by watching what was  eaten and done.. It was VERY nice to have the whole meals already in the system so you don't have to sit and enter nutritional data into some random tracking tool. Progress was easy to see day by day.

They have an online tracking app as well, but to be honest, I tried to get in, but with my pathetic phone I was not able to download it. (I have this problem with my phone, it is old.. ) It does have some great functions to let you select your food each week, and access all of your tracking data. From diets I have been on in the past tracking is one great motivator. You cannot lie to the tracker! 

I have eaten another brand's packaged meal plan- (the one where you can keep them in the cabinet) and I can say the flavors are not even close to being comparable to the yumminess of the Diet to Go plan . This is real food!

So if you are looking for a quick and easy way to lose some weight, I HIGHLY suggest this program.  Diet to Go gives you a significant discount when you order more weeks at a time. 

Thanks so much to  Diet to Go for letting me try their fantastic menu!

They want you to try a 5 meal plan to- Enter below!

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