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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Travel with a toddler, illness prevention & the Verilux Handheld UV Wand

Have you ever seen the Cleanwave Portable UV Sanitizer wand from Verilux?

We were planning a plane trip recently, and I have to say, in addition to my inherent fear of flying, I was also afraid that my daughter would get sick from the plane adventure. I asked the folks at Verilux if I could try out their product and blog about it. They said yes!

Airplanes and airports are home to millions of travelers every day. They come from all over the world in various states of health and they bring with them a host of germs, viruses and who all knows what. So many outbreaks seem to start from travelers.

Ready for her first airplane trip- covered in stickers..

Since my daughter is just over 2, I have a real concern about her getting sick. I don't want her to be sick on our trip foremost- we are going to be with family and I want her to enjoy the time. I also have really crappy health insurance with a super high deductible, so a trip to the doctor out of state will be very expensive for us. No fun.

So what to do to keep a toddler from getting sick?

  • First off, I researched any outbreaks currently in the area we will be traveling in.  We decided to add a multivitamin to her breakfast routine to make sure she had a little boost pre-trip, and during. As it turns out Costco had a low cost DHA gummie with some vitamins added. She thinks it is great. I also got approved to do a review on a few Nordic Naturals vitamins for her, so we will be adding those along the way.

  • We still nurse once a day. I feel the best boost to the immune system she can get is directly from me. SO many times once of us has been sick and I swear the nursing keeps it shorter. It will be hard to keep our schedule once we get there, but I will battle for it. Even if she just has a little every day it will keep us exchanging those antibodies that keep us both healthy.

  • We are going to be flying with a car seat. While I can wipe down a lot of stuff with wipes that she has touched, it is a little harder to clean a car seat. I am going to be using the Verilux hand wand for this task. I can easily pull out the wand anywhere, and give it a good once over if I feel it needs it. Sneezing, coughing, all kinds of airborne issues are in airports. We can stop it! A few minutes can get the carseat clean. ( with the toddler not in it of course!)

  • And what about toys? We are bringing a soft backpack with a toy zebra for my daughter to play with. These are both plush materials. These cannot be wiped clean. I will be using the wand to sanitize the toys if they contact anything questionable, and then my daughter can safely go back to enjoying them again!

  • Other surfaces of concern- changing stations. Yes I can wipe it with wipes- but this is not always going to kill everything of concern. A couple minutes of cleaning the changing station is going to make me feel a lot better about putting her on there. 

  • Feeling like airplane seats themselves are nasty? They are. I can take a minute or two and clean the whole aisle of seats for us! I really do not feel like I want to whip out lysol wipes on a plane anyway. I don't mind them so much in an area with good ventilation, but let's face it- the thing that makes them work is pretty toxic. I don't want to be smelling that for the whole flight, and I suspect no one else does either.
This is a picture from their website-- guess what I will be doing..

So how do I know this works? Besides the science and all that- I decided to try a test. We have some cloth diapers that have a bit of a diaper cream smell on them. I have washed and dried them several times ad the scent is not coming out. I was going to sun them to remove the odor which ends up being very effective, but time consuming and then the diaper is outside all day.. needing another wash (we have a lot of dust and pollen right now.) So I thought- why not use the wand?

I ran  the wand over the diaper as directed, a few seconds in each area. After a few minutes of this I took a sniff of the diaper. The smell was GONE. I thought it might be a fluke, so I tried the same technique on another diaper and the result was the same. No smell!

The same reason that diaper odor is removed by the sun is the reason the UV wand removed it. That is it- UV- the ultraviolet rays from the sun. I feel confident that not only the odor is gone, but the diaper is also sanitized from any lingering bacteria. (note- I only used this on the inside fleece portion of the diaper- I would not suggest using it on the waterproof lining, as it may damage the material or the warranty.)

I love that the wand is relatively small and lightweight. It will easily fit into the back pack we will carry onto the plane. The only concern I have is that it might get banged around a bit in the back pack, so I  whipped up a little quilted cover for it. I am also going to label it so that any security folks won't think it is something weird. (You could also carry it in the original box but that adds a little more bulk and weight for me.)

Going home!

The results are in! We went on out plane trip and used the Cleanwave Portable UV Sanitizer wand from Verilux everywhere:)

  • I had no issues at airport security (except for my baby wipes- apparently they are very suspicious on an x-ray machine)
  • I had no breakage or concerns (I did have it in my quilted bag though)
  • I used it in the plane, while waiting for the plane and after my daughter dropped her toy zebra in the bathroom (EWWWWW) 
  • I used it on her carseat after having it handled by security
  • We didn't get sick (we are only a day out from our return trip though;)
  • I also used it on my cloth purse when I noticed I had placed it in something funky somewhere and it had a weird smell.. it took the smell away!

I am incredibly happy with this product and will definitely be keeping it handy in my diaper bag for trips out of the house and anything else that comes along.

Thanks so much to Verilux for giving us this opportunity. 

Check them out and get a Cleanwave Portable UV Sanitizer wand from Verilux for your family!