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Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Food Storage Review

My Food Storage Review

I was recently given the chance to try a sample package of French Vanilla Granola from  MyFoodStorage.com

First off- storing food for emergencies is something that everyone should do. 

I have been in an earthquake in California and for several weeks after it, we did not have access to running water, power and gas. It was a terrifying time for all of us I can tell you that.. it is fortunate that I was a paranoid young lady and had a trunk full of spare clothes, top ramen, water and soap and such. 

It was not much, but it got us through a day or 2 before we could get into the house and scope out what we could eat without all those services.

I can tell you-my family BBQ'd everything in the freezer and after that we had canned foods. (the dog got to eat some very fine steak that day.)
It was a real drag. We were really not prepared for the extent of the disaster. 

Luckily we did have flashlights- Los Angeles is incredibly dark when the power is out!

I have always been told to store extra canned food and such around the house so in the event of disaster, you have what you need. The problem is, unless you are diligent about the purchase of this food, and very diligent about eating it before it goes bad, you are kind of wasting your money. I have shamefully thrown out many cans of food in my day, thinking I was prepped.  The stuff has to be stored somewhere you can get to it, and where it won't break down. My garage can be 120 degrees in the summer, so you can't really store canned goods out there and think they will last. Soda cans actually explode!

So what are the options for disaster preparation? 

  MyFoodStorage.com has all the food and water supplies you need to help your family. The thing I like best about this company is that they sell complete emergency kits. They give you an idea of how many people it will feed and how many meals. 

This is all great, but will the packages of food in a big plastic tub be palatable? Well, they will tell you themselves, that this is not 5 star cuisine. This is food that will keep you alive and healthy in a disaster. Their blog program, I suspect is to get folks like me to taste the stuff and report back.

I requested the French Vanilla Yogurt for my sample. It is something I know my daughter will generally like, and something the man of the house can eat too. 

The package I received is 4 meals and each serving is 380 calories, 9 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fat. Pretty standard for a package of granola.

Granola is a pretty common food-why should I buy it from an emergency preparedness store?

Well- your average granola is not sealed with nitrogen in a package that will keep it fresh for 25 years. 

WOW! That is something.

OK- so the test- how does it taste? 


I opened it up and ate way more than I should have in one sitting. My daughter loved it too. She calls it ga-rilla for some reason, but she asks for it. It tastes like "regular food". 

The only complaint I might have- is that the bag is not resealable. I was able to toss it in a ziploc bag and it stayed fresh for 2 weeks like any granola would.. but it seemed to me that it might be a great survival product  for on the go, and one might not eat it all at once. 

Other than that- perfect. I would be very comfortable eating this as a survival food, or any other day really. 

So consider your situation- what kind of emergencies your family might undergo. Plan for them. You don't have to have an underground bunker and a tank in front of your house (unless you want to.) Just some supplies to help you get through a few weeks of a lack of services.. it does not need to be the end of the world to have need of these supplies.. believe me, I know.

ps- I still sleep with a flashlight next to my bed. 

Thanks so much to MyFoodStorage.com for letting us try their products! Check them out for yourself!

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