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Friday, June 13, 2014

Gift of Happiness for Your Traveling Toddler and A Charity

I was recently asked to provide a review of a great site called GiftOfHappiness.org

Disclaimer: I received a free product or other compensation in return for this post.
I was pretty excited when I saw all of the gifts that were there to choose from! 

From toddlers to gifts for Father's Day, Graduation and any other reason you could think of, it was very hard for me to pick just one thing to review!

I was doubly surprised to see the premise of the site. It is not just about a gift for your loved one, but every gift you buy from GiftOfHappiness.org has another component to it- a gift to a charity that you can pick from their list.

"Each product purchase results in 5-15% of the purchase price being donated to a charity the consumer chooses from our list of pre-approved charities. This list also grows as we work with more diverse charitable organizations."

So many things to choose from-


I decided that I was going to focus on something for my daughter. She is just over 2 and I saw some very cute travel items for her. Since we will be making a trip in the next month or so, I was very interested in picking up something for her that she would enjoy.


We sat down together, and I thought a cute little back pack might be just the trick to letting her be responsible for some of her things on our journey.

So we got to the page of about a million different backpacks- there were options to personalize some of these with her name, and there were a ton of choices that had plush animals attached in a baby carrier manner. Since we are babywearers, this was what I thought would fit us best. 

Still-so many choices! I scrolled through several animal ones and let her pick.ZEBRA she tells me, over and over again. 

So the choice was clear- we got this little guy.

I was very pleased at the amount of space that was in the pack. I wasn't really thinking it was this much!

We fit a swaddle blanket in it, and had a lot of room to spare- we will fit a pencil case with crayons and a notepad, a few snacks and a container of almond milk. There is still more to go! This will be great for a long wait somewhere. She can play, eat and cuddle that zebra. 

Even better- I don't have to carry that stuff in my bag!

Here is our guy on the back.

I love how this looks just like a baby carrier!

Here is the awesome card that was enclosed. 
We selected No Kid Hungry for our charity. 
This is a great one, because our gift for a toddler gave a 5% gift to a child in need. What an incredible idea!

Finally- the most important test- did the toddler like it? 


She LOVED it. 

She carried that zebra around with here everywhere for days. She slept with him. She ate with him. She gave the zebra a ride on her stuffed ride on zebra, and said it was the baby and that one was the mamma. 

She is at this moment giving him a "checkup" with her toddler doctor kit.  I don't think I have ever seen her so excited with a stuffed animal. 

The Gifts of Happiness gift that someone LOVED.

Thanks so much to GiftOfHappiness.org for letting us experience their site. We will be enjoying this zebra back pack for a long time to come!

Check these guys out for yourself and enjoy a 10% off with coupon code "itzybella" through September 1. 

GiftofHappiness.org for Your Traveling Toddler and A Charity