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Monday, April 28, 2014

Y is for YIKES! and yellow A to Z Challenge

Today Y is for YIKES! and yellow.

I sat down to wrap up the challenge, and wrote up my posts, and even my farewell post for this challenge.

As I was adding a post on some deals from Reebok, I realized that I had completely forgotten the letter Y!


So now- here I am, scurrying to get this last post together. I could not think of a suitable topic, other than one that expressed my dismay.

Instead, I will show you a picture. This picture is a yellow daffodil. I purchased my daughter a handful of these gorgeous flowers on her birthday. I suspect this was her first official flower purchase, and that is an interesting milestone to me. It will not be the last, as she adored having these on the table while we ate our birthday snacks. She kept smelling them, and commenting on them. Eventually I had to give her one to hold and smell up close.

She was very gentle and didn't so much as bend the delicate little thing. They lasted a long time, which seems to be unusual for most flowers we buy in Phoenix. They must have been very fresh!