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Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xylophone A to Z Challenge

We have family music hour here at our house. We have 2 boxes of musical toys and we all sit in the living room and bang away on xylophones, drums, wooden blocks and other percussion instruments.

We had a set of bongos, but as it turns out, ours broke in a more vigorous session. I was pretty bummed about this, as I would sometimes be able to get that toddler to dance while playing them. We will be shopping for a new and sturdier set soon. I like many, but getting the right price is key.

The xylophone is always a favorite though. We got it at a consignment store for $2 and have been playing it long before the baby could. It has been a lot of fun and rather satisfying. It is a nice wooden models and it clearly has been loved by more than one family. 

Darice 1177-06 11.5-Inch Xylophone

It seems as though we are always adding to our our collection, and the boxes we keep the supplies in keep getting bigger. My daughter got a toy piano for Christmas, and we will eventually add that to music time when she can handle it- right now she is kind of rough with it, so I am keeping out of reach for the moment.

It is a good time for all of us. Banging on drums, banging blocks and cymbals. It is a very therapeutic session for us all!

Here are a few of the items we bought:

First Note FN210 Firstnote Finger Cymbals

NINO Plastic Egg Shaker Assortment of 4 Pieces Blue, Green, Red & Yellow

Trophy Triangle 5 Inch

8" Rhythm Sticks, Pair

Hohner Kids Musical Toys S2203 Percussion Blocks