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Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for The Walking Dead, A to Z Challenge Day 23

Sheesh, I am writing these posts out in advance, if anyone wondered. I think it is the only way to really get them all in and do my regular thing every day with the toddler..

So why Walking Dead? Well, I am sitting down about to watch the season finale. I happen to love this show. I am addicted. I am no different than other fans! 

Why do I love it so much? I love post apocalyptical stories. I like to see people pushed to the limit and maintain their humanity. I like adventure and I simply ADORE Daryl Dixon.

I have become an entire Norman Reedus fan. It is out of control. My daughter knows who Daryl is. I have a pic of him in my sewing room, and when we talk about the other pictures on the wall and name the people, she knows who he is. She doesn't watch the show of course. She is really starting to process what she watches, and she gets scared looking at Donald Duck in one of her shows where his eyes are all googly. 

It is kind of funny that she doesn't like it. She looks away. She knows it is coming, and she hides her head on me. She asks for that show though, so she still gets to watch it. 

I digress. Walking Dead. OMG. I can watch this show for hours on end. In fact, thanks to Netflix, that is exactly what I did. HA! I love Netflix!

The characters are intense. The plot is changing every episode, and they are not afraid to kill people off, even if they are beloved by the fans. ( as I sit here I certainly hope they don't axe Daryl in the finale.. or I am gonna riot.. LOL)

Summer is going to be hard without the show. Luckily I have some Netflix to catch up on.