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Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Underwear A to Z Challenge

My daughter has a book about potty training. I am not ready to start potty training, but sometimes when she picks that book to read she expresses interest in the potty and also in underwear. I decided to once in awhile put her on the potty, and she has varying degrees of success. She peed on the floor once. It was kind of funny. We aren't ready as I say..

However, I did want to get her some underwear as that seems to be interesting to her, and they are shown as a reward in the book she is reading. I don't think we will be doing rewards per say, but I did think it might be motivating to her.

So I started researching training pants. I remember them as a child- white thick cotton underpants. Nothing fancy, just plain old white, and I do not remember if the boys and girls were even different.

I realize that a lot of parents are using the disposable type pants but we are cloth diaperers so it didn't make a lot of sense to start with those being disposable. I am not even sure when we will actually start training, so I didn't want to spend a bundle on the underwear anyway,as she may be in a different size.

I am maddened at the lack of training pants in stores. In fact, there is only one brand and model per gender at a store I usually shop at. They are these

Gerber Training Pants 3T Girl 6 pack 32-35 pounds 2012

and these

Gerber Baby-Boys Infant 4 Pack Sports Training Pant, Blue, 18 Months.

Now these are nice and I did buy a set. In the boys colors. I am not a fan of pink, and I am not buying pink underwear. Why can't there be something else? White for example. 

When I started looking at the bigger kids underpants it was the same. Pink and princesses. My daughter likes Mickey Mouse, but apparently if you don't have male parts, THOSE underpants are not for you.

I get frustrated. Even when I was a kid there were very few options for something in between the 2 stereotypical products ( past the training pants anyway.) 

I loved Star Wars, but until Underoos came out it was flowers and pink for me.  Certainly in 30 some odd years we have advanced? No, in fact we have gone the other direction. Genders are even more separated by their undies.. lol.

 It is going to be a frustrating couple of years buying clothes isn't it?