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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Teething, A to Z Challenge

As I sit here writing this, I am fairly confident my daughter is cutting her 2 year molars. Or at least she is acting like it. She has started eating her fingers, chewing on her hands and even chewing on her knees.

It seems to strike her randomly, and when it happens she is pretty inconsolable about anything that is considered undesirable to her. For example, she is cruising along and having a swell time, but needs her diaper changed. She doesn't usually like this activity, but will follow me to the diapering area and reluctantly give in. 

During a sore tooth incident she will lose her mind entirely. She will scream bloody murder, smack her arms on the wall and lose her mind entirely. This is usually followed up later with hands in the mouth and drooling. 

Sometimes the drooling starts first. It is certainly not comfy for her. I will give her 

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or if it is bedtime I will go with ibuprofen to make sure she is able to sleep. She has actually woken up several times over the past few nights, and thinking back, I am pretty sure the ibuprofen had worn off. 

We are still nursing, and during teething times there will be more biting. I can tell you that she used to chomp a lot harder with no teeth, and it was painful, but an errant chomp with teeth doesn't need to be hard to hurt!  I am always surprised, and no matter how much people say not to scream, I haven't learned a way not to. At least now she responds to my screech.

I have heard from a friend that her daughter around the same age cut hers not long ago and it was a nightmare. I am glad this is the last really bad round of this... teething has been so hard on us!